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Welcome to guest author Ann Mayburn, who is participating in the Buck a Book, Win a Nook promo. For more information on this great contest and the books on sale for $1 see the link below.

Here’s Ann with a very smexy excerpt:

What is it About Demons?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve always had a thing for demons…the sexy kind of course. When I was a teenager I watched a movie called ‘Legend’ over, and over, and over again. Now, I don’t know if this qualifies me for therapy, but I always wanted her to end up with the evil demon prince instead of a young Tom Cruise. I mean come on, this kick ass and seductive lord of darkness or a guy in a whole lotta body glitter and a pretty gold skirt.

There was just something wonderfully forbidden about this huge, powerful demon lord that was a master of seduction. I just knew that if she became his evil queen he wouldn’t be so evil anymore, that her love would save him. Thankfully I didn’t carry this theory over into my real life dating strategy, but in the realms of fantasy there is nothing more sexy to me than the ultimate bad boy, a demon.

When I began writing my demon romance, Daughter of Lust, I wanted to not only immerse the reader in a rich world built off of the biblical mythos of demons. I also wanted to challenge the view of one man, one woman, forever and ever etc. My leading lady, Natalia, is born to a poor Russian peasant family in the 1860s. She has always been a good daughter until unnatural cravings, dark sexual dreams, and dangerous desires begin to overtake her. It is as if a part of her soul that has long been sleep begins to awaken and she sees the world as it really is for the first time.

I don’t want to ruin any of the plot for you, because for as erotic as this book is, there is more storyline than sex. However, I will say that I explore all types of sexuality and do a good bit of Dominance/submission play. Well, it’s easier to show it than to explain it, so here is a very, very naughty sneak peek from Daughter of Lust.DaughterofLustcover

If thoust are a virgin, cast thine eyes aside lest ye become mentally deflowered!

He wrapped his warm arms around her and held her close. “Natalia, do you know why I’m here?”

She nuzzled the tip of her nose against his chest. “To make me yours.” Temptation proved too great, and she licked and sucked at the tight flesh. His restless hands kneaded her back.

The blanket fell from her shoulders and she stepped back. “What would you like me to do?”

He walked around her in a circle until he was standing behind her. Into her ear he said, “Lift your arms.”

She complied and he pulled the nightgown from her body with a swish of fabric. It caught a bit on her nipples, and she sighed and moved her bottom against him. He was thick and hard behind her, and her pussy clenched as he ran his hands down her sides.

“You’re stunning.” His hands moved up her ribcage to hold her breasts. She looked down and watched his long fingers dig into the soft flesh and squeeze gently. Leaning her head back on his shoulder, she surrendered herself to him in total trust.

A soft lick against her ear made her shudder as he twisted her nipples into aching points. She reached behind and held onto his buttocks, hard and firm beneath his trousers. Pulling him closer, she ground her backside against his hard cock.

“I love your curves. You’re round and luscious where a woman should be.” He glided his hands over the soft swell of her belly. She spread her legs at his touch. “While I was standing outside of that room, I could feel you working that whore into a frenzy.”

She stiffened for a moment but he stroked away her fear. “It excited me. I would love to be privileged enough to witness you with another woman in the future. Punishing her, making her yours.”

He turned her in his arms. “Remove my pants.” She sank to her knees before him, fingers hesitant on his belt. The bulge of his erection intrigued her, and she ran her hand over it. Thick and long, its size made her hesitate. How would she possibly accommodate him? His growl grew impatient and he sank his hand into her hair. “Having second thoughts?”

“No,” she whispered and luxuriated in the pain from her scalp. The pleasure lapped over her like a familiar lover and relaxed her. He tightened his grip and she ran her palm over her nipples, glorying in the sensation.

“Good. Now, remove my pants.”

She tugged them down and wet her lips at the sight of his cock. He was smooth down below as well, and she gaped at him. Exposed, she could appreciate the strength and form of his erection. A little bead of moisture sat on the tip. She pulled against his fist and his touch guided her face to his erection, holding her away from the tip. Cinnamon and musk filled her nose as she took a deep breath. Desire like she had never known turned her pussy into a throbbing ache.

“Taste me,” he ordered and released her hair. The sudden lack of pressure on her scalp made her sigh, and she gave his cock a curious lick. It tasted salty, musky, and delicious with the same hint of cinnamon that the rest of his skin carried. The lust his body gave off was richer than Gregor’s, like fine brandy compared to wine. It intoxicated her and fed her soul.

Using her memory of what Betina did for Gregor, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid the head of his erection into her mouth. She made a startled sound as an echo of the sensation that he was feeling rolled through her. For a moment, it felt as if a mouth were moving between her legs. The sensation faded and Vicktor placed his palms on her shoulders, whispering words in an unfamiliar language that stroked against her soul.

She began try to fit as much of him into her mouth as she could. The idea of pleasing him, of making him as aroused as she was, burned through her blood. In pleasuring him, she found a peace like she had never known.

With long strokes of her tongue now, she rolled his heavy sac around in her curious hand.. He began to thrust in time to her sucks, pushing the head of his cock against the back of her throat. “Touch yourself,” he gritted out and ran his hands through her hair.

She moaned around his cock, her own fingers stroking her pussy in time to his movements. He seemed to swell even more, and he jerked himself out of her mouth, panting.

“On the bed.” He tugged her to her feet and threw her onto the mattress. Standing over her, with his thick cock twitching in the air, he was everything she had ever wanted in a man. Carefully, he knelt between her legs and pulled back her swollen nether lips with his thumb. “You have a beautiful clit, Natalia. It’s swollen and crimson with your need, and you smell luscious.”

Wow that was HAWT!

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