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So, the other I was clicking around on Fotolia (a stock art site) in search of some cover images. I didn’t find what I was looking for in terms of cover art but I sure as heck came away with all sorts of bright, shiny new steamy story ideas!

Like this couple right here. What’s with the tattoos? Is he a bad boy? A biker maybe? An ex-con trying to stay on the straight-and-narrow? Ooh–maybe he’s an up-and-coming mixed-martial artists or–even better and sexier–an underground bare-knuckle fighter!

(c) AndreasGradin/Fotolia-com

(c) AndreasGradin/Fotolia-com

And this gal right here? What’s she whispering in his ear? Are they new lovers? Is she being a dirty little tease? Maybe he’s her big brother’s best friend and she’s trying to push him into crossing that line…

© Forgiss - Fotolia.com

© Forgiss – Fotolia.com

And this couple? Well…I think the picture speaks for itself!

(c) Videoroot/Fotolia.com

(c) Videoroot/Fotolia.com

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