Have you ever thought about, or done sex in the woods?Eva2

I’m pretty sure our ancestors have! I mean, think about it. The human race spent a very long time as hunter-gatherers. They traveled long ways to find food. Sometimes they went through forests, along rivers, following creeks and streams. They found mushrooms, game, and plenty of privacy (wink, wink).

And there’s a quiet to the woods that invites you to explore your inner earth goddess side. To be at peace with your inner exhibitionist – after all, who’s gonna see but a few birds and a squirrel or two? So get liberated. Break out of the four-walls thinking and do what comes naturally.

The next time you’re in the woods take a blanket. Spread it out on a nice sunny clearing miles away from man and home. Take off your clothes. Lounge around, let the sun play over your skin. Feel its warmth. Revel in the clean air. Touch yourself wherever it feels nice.

If you have a partner, proposition them right then and there. (If they don’t beat you to the punch!) No fancy equipment needed. Humans have been doing this for a long, long time. It’s time to join the fun. 🙂

I see sex in the woods played out most often in shifter stories. All that chasing in the woods, the heavy breathing, etc. Sex seems to ease the pain of the shifting, perhaps. Or else those sexy shifters are needing to feed more than one appetite!

But I’d like to see more sex in the woods in contemporary stories. Maybe even a Sex in the Woods series. There’s just something primal about it that appeals, don’t you agree?


P.S. And here’s a great shot of Hurricane Ridge to get you started!

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