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Guest SigWelcome to guest author Arlene Webb, who is participating in the Buck a Book, Win a Nook promo. For more information on this great contest and the books on sale for $1 see the links below.

Arlene: Thanks for hosting me on this silky, sexy site. I was thrilled when my submission, Last Request, to Decadent Publishing’s 1NS series was accepted.  I was even more thrilled when Decadent asked if I wanted to participate in a sale promo with not one, but two of my stories including my latest release, Falling for Water.

Here’s an excerpt from Last Request, a part of the 1NS series:

AW_Last request_MDIdiot. Way to console the condemned woman. “Right. You’re my wife.” He reached, took a hold of her sash and untied it. “And I am your husband.”

Her breath hitched as he jerked his belt loose and shrugged his arms free. Her gaze dropped as his dick reared out. He wadded up blue material, flung the garment, and turned back to her. She stared at him, his cock, and if he didn’t have a respectable amount of inches waving hello, pre-cum dripping, he’d be concerned. Except, maybe he should be. Was that fear in her eyes?

“Sweetheart, you sure about this?” More important, how sure was he that a trial of Joan Bennett’s peers had either been tampered with or composed of gutless sheep, pressured to put an end to the clamor for justice? Maybe Madame Eve held a voodoo doll of him in her hand right then.

Right. Blame about to have sex with a killer on anyone or anything but the dick that held him by the aching balls.

Joan’s tremulous murmur pushed him to focus. “Can I…touch you…taste you?” she asked.

Oh God, oh God, oh, hell yes. He carefully dropped his fingers to caress her stomach. “Not yet, baby. I’ve been primed and loaded since the moment I saw you. If you do that, I won’t last a second.” Her chest didn’t move, her lungs frozen as he slipped his hands under her robe and spread the material aside.

She stared at him, her eyes shining. “I want you to be fast. Like I’m your wife, remember?”

He smiled. “Yes, dear. You’re telling me you have a headache?” He eased his knee to position himself over her. Her chest heaved, she squirmed toward him and he clasped breasts that felt tailor made, perfect size for his hands.

“Headache?” she gasped.

“Teasing, but really? No fondling, no savoring, no—”

“No more waiting,” she whispered. “Please. Hard and fast.”

Wesley lowered himself, propped on his elbow and took her mouth with his. He swallowed her moan, and rubbed her nipple. It became pebble hard beneath his thumb and it was his turn to moan.

Falling-for-Water300x450Here’s an excerpt from Falling for Water, part of the Prepper romance series:

He stared at her, his expression wary. “And I’m thrilled you’re so into evolution, variation, and moving toward different things. I…er…just wondered, do you have a problem with saliva?”

“Saliva? What the hell are you talking about?”

He smiled. Not slow and lazy, not sweet and gentle, but the wolf smile she’d seen at the bar. “You admitted a thing with water right away. So what I’m hearing is no, I love saliva. Go ahead and slap me, and…maybe I’ll stop.” He grabbed her, yanked her up, and took her lips with his.

Ray tried for gentle and slow, but the moment his lips locked onto hers it felt like he had to make this the kiss of a lifetime or she’d slip through his fingers and disappear. She’d either run screaming from yet another bully who took advantage of a vulnerable state, or she’d fall through the cracks of the justice system and out of his reach.

From his mouth to hers, he yearned to dive in fast and hard, plundering with his tongue until she opened more than her heart to him by confiding an intense trauma. He wanted the supple and beautiful body rolled over him as well.

He deepened the kiss, and his heartbeat pounded faster and faster as the tension left her shoulders. She melted into him, soft and sweetly yielding to his aggressive hardness, and she began kissing him back.

His careful exploration, the tip of tongue easing along the seams of her mouth, forced his lust into an easy, steady climb as lips meshed, escalating on the roller coaster scale to maybe a five, a first-time kiss like when a boy walks a girl to her door.

Forget that. It was no-hold-back time. He was too into the taste and feel of this woman to strive for less, and he had to bring her over the edge with him. Plunge down and down into the world-is-about-to-end type kiss. A kiss that’d stay with her, marking her as his own.

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Thank you, so much, to everyone at Silken Sheets and Seduction for hosting me and fingers crossed someone who comments here wins the grand prize!


Happy reading. Sincerely, Arlene