Need to gRachel1et back into the writing groove?  I know I do – Deadlines, family, daily to do’s, end of school…. I could keep the list going of the things that kept me from my daily writing routine.  Instead – I’m going to use it (’cause that’s what writers do with everything, isn’t it?) as my writing prompt for the day

What is something your character might/could forget that would cause a problem?  A meeting?  A birthday?  A date?  How does the forgetting change them or their situation?

Or… start a story with someone forgetting something important go from there.  Do they not care at all?  Are they terribly upset?  Do they miss out on something important because of their mistake?

For my current heroine, she actually needs to forget something.  She needs to forget to live her life by rigid lists.  She’s a little to black and white at times, yes or no, this or that.  No middle ground. Do you have a character who would benefit from forgetting?

And in the mean time, I hope you remember everything you are supposed to today and this week!