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wpid-aaasorcha_finalsig.pngRight now, that’s what I’m thinking as I look at the blank screen. Whether I’m looking at a blank blog post or a blank word document, I’m currently thinking uuummmm….

I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, just a lack of motivation. Seems like I’m always tired and then I open up one of two WIPs and well…I’m not motivated. I’ve got ideas. Got loads of ideas. Maybe too damn many. LOL!

So, I’ve just picked one WIP to focus on and I am going to work on writing that story. I want to write that story.

I also think some of my issues stem from having allowed my weight to get back out of control. As a result I ordered the Zumba DVDs in an attempt to get myself re-motivated–yeah, there’s that damn word again–to workout and drop this weight. Curvy is sexy, but I’m creeping past curvy and into unattractive. That’s a no go.

On other fronts, for those of you that might be interested I will be teaching a class on writing hot sex called Pumping Up The Sexual Volume August 12 through Sept 6. If you’re interested check out my website for details.

Now comes the time for you to share… When there is no pep in your step or giddy-up in your horse, how do you get motivated?