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Anticipation, that sweet feeling of waiting, wanting, hoping that things will turn out as well as you want. That the dessert in the oven will be as good as it smells, that the first date with someone new will go well, that the first kiss will be sweet, then delicious, then achingly hot. Lilly Cain at Silken Sheets and Seduction Blog

Sometimes the anticipation is better than the end result.

Right now I am in that state of limbo, and I am enjoying it tot he fullest. Because I know that soon enough I will discover if something was meant to be. If a desire I feel will be fulfilled, or left wanting. But I am at an age where I can savor the wait. Before I might have rushed into things rather than waited to see how they would develop.

This time I purposely delayed the answer.

But while I wait, I can’t sit idle. I’ve been writing, of course, and I thought you might enjoy a snippet of my new project.

Claiming Syn by Lilly Cain

Julien caught a movement at the corner of his eye and whirled toward it, ready to face Penn or more of Contreau’s goons. Ready, but perhaps, he realized as he staggered slightly over the sudden movement, maybe not all that able. He swallowed hard as he realized that the creature hurtling toward him wasn’t human. Red skin, bat-like wings, wild eyes. Luscious lips, full, rounded breasts, naked pussy. Syn.

Her hand reached out as if to steady him, but she stopped at the last instant, less than an inch from his skin. If she touched him, he was done for. Her touch pulled power from his soul; that was simply her nature. He didn’t have an ounce of power to spare. He wished for the t-shirt, flimsy protection that it was, that he’d thrown against the wall in frustration. Anything to put between them. And yet, the urge to touch her, to feel her heated fingertips against his chest, send a wave of yearning through him.

“The bed’s gone.” Smoke caught in his throat, making his voice more ragged than it should be.

Syn glanced around the workroom, taking in the damage Contreau’s men had caused. “You’ve had visitors. And they tried to burn down the place.” She took a few steps away, toward the now empty spell casting circle.

“Yeah,” Julien sat on the edge of his desk. The scent of Syn’s skin, like cinnamon and sex gave him more energy than he’d had in days. He watched the curve of her ass as she moved. He wanted her. But despite the deal they’d made—his power for her release—he doubted he could trust her.

“Why’d you come back?” The words slipped from his mouth and he immediately regretted them. He sounded needy for fuck’s sake. The last thing he wanted was to give the demon an edge.

She turned back to him. “We made a deal. You give me power, enough that I can hunt Contreau, and I don’t hurt or kill you.” Her eyes gleamed, like the gilded, reflective surface of antique silver.

“I gave you nearly all the power I had.” Julien stood and casually slid his hands in his back pockets. His wand brushed against the knuckles of his left hand.

“It’s not enough. Contreau is surrounded by magic, and men.” She smiled. “The men I can handle.” A frown passed over her curving lips. “It’s the magic that isn’t right.” She waived toward Julien’s circle. “He took the bed back because he’s going to do it again. Haul a son or daughter of Lilith here, to the earth plane, and suck one of us dry of our power.”

“And what do you expect me to do about it?” Julien slipped the wand free of his pocket. It wasn’t a power generator, but it held a pocket of energy, and it would focus everything he had left if he needed a sudden defense.

“Get me more power.”

“Or else…”

“Or else Contreau will eventually realize he has left a witness alive, one who could not only expose his twisted little sex and magic pass-time, but the way he uses the power he steals from the succubae to entrance the voters. And I don’t expect that kind of a witness—you—to live very long.”

Claiming Syn will release in October, so I’ll be telling you more about it soon. But for now, you’ll just have to…wait.