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Please welcome author Jess Michaels to the Silken Sheets today with her new release Taken by the Duke from Samhain Publishing. For those of you that like historicals, this one is a real treat.

TakenByTheDuke300Why I Write Erotic Romance

(And Why Readers Read It)
Jess Michaels

Hi everyone and a big thanks to Eva LeFoy for having me today on the blog. If you don’t know me, I write erotic historical romance set in the Regency period. I’ve had 22 of them published or contracted to be published from Red Sage, Avon and currently, Samhain Publishing.

A lot of people ask me why I write erotic romance and the answer is simple. I love it. I’ve always been the girl who flipped through the pages of romances to find “the good stuff”. I’m sure I’m not the only one (I’m not the only one, right?).

So when I started writing, it just was a good fit for me. Erotic romances are really interesting to write. I tend to find a sexual conflict to center the story around and then the love scenes fall into place. Writing it in the Regency is even more fun, as there are so many societal rules the characters have to contend with, too. Getting caught could be social suicide or force the characters to wed against their will. It’s a dangerous dance and it ups the stakes in my dark, erotic stories considerably.

But why do readers love to read erotic romance?

As a reader, my answer is that those increased stakes make me connect even more to a story. And a well-written love scene can drive a story forward through plot, character and build the emotional connection between the hero and heroine. The best are scenes you just can’t skip because you know that these characters are connected, body and soul. That they will, ultimately, make any sacrifice for each other, will do anything to protect each other and will love one another until their world ends.

So stand up tall ladies (and gentleman) who love erotic romance. Don’t let them dismiss what you love as “Mommy Porn” or tell you that you’re silly for wanting to read two characters falling deep and passionately in love. We deserve that in our stories and in our lives. Anything less just seems depressing.

Do you love erotic romance? Any favorite stories or authors?

And now for a sexy excerpt from Taken by the Duke:

He chuckled against her lips and then slid a free hand into her hair. Angling her head, he drove his tongue between her lips and stroked hers, coaxing her, tasting her. Hesitantly, she darted it out to meet his and found their tongues dancing against each other. He tasted of mint and tea and something sharp and masculine that made her needy and weak.

He pulled away. “You see, Ava, that is the desire I was talking about earlier. That pull to touch me, that need to taste me, that heavy ache that fills you from head to toe but makes you feel alive…that is desire. And it will only get better the further we go in our association.”

She stared at him, unable to reply, but he seemed to require no answer. Without breaking his stare from hers, he set his cane aside and reached for the buttons along the front of her dress. The same ones she had tried to loosen for him earlier in his office. Now he swept them open with what seemed like no effort at all.

She flushed as her gown parted, revealing inches of flesh, then more than inches. He stared at her bare collarbones, the curve of her breasts that disappeared into the thin fabric of her chemise, and let out a shuddering sigh of his own.

“Very pretty, Ava,” he murmured, then tugged the dress from her arms and down to her waist. “Very pretty indeed.”

She lifted her hands instinctively, covering her nearly naked chest as heat flooded her cheeks.

“You shouldn’t—” she began, but stopped because it was so foolish.

He arched a brow. “This is what we bargained for. Are you reneging?”

“No,” she managed. “But I…I’ve never…”

He nodded. “I realize that.”

He said nothing more, but stroked his hand over her breast. In the office, she had been protected at least a little by the layer of fabric of her gown plus the chemise beneath. Now there was nothing but a thin scrap of silk that kept him from touching her intimately and shockingly.

She felt the roughness of his palms through that scrap, the heat of his thumb as it strummed her. She felt the way her nipple responded by hardening to a tight, aching bud that seemed to betray all she had been taught as a lady.

“God,” she whispered and reached back to find some balance on the edge of the bed.

“Don’t fight that feeling,” he murmured, placing the opposite hand on the strap of her chemise. “Let it happen. Let yourself feel every pleasure. Let yourself ache.”

Buy link for Taken by the Duke is here.

And you can contact Jess at her website: http://www.authorjessmichaels.com

Happy reading!