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Rachel1As played by the still tremendously sexy Mark Harmon, the lead character of CBS’s NCIS, the character of Gibbs is the perfect alpha male and a wonderful hero.   After watching now for several months (my father got me hooked on the reruns), I have come to realize the Gibbs is the character so many of us want to write and even more of us want to read about.  He is a credit to the writers who created him and Harmon who brings him to life.

MarkHarmonOn Wikipedia, Harmon commented, “I was attracted by (his) flaws. He has lousy taste in women. He’s addicted to coffee.”  Gibbs’ flaws are numerous – he doesn’t talk, keeps things close to the chest, has been married four times, divorced three, is strongly opinionated and damnably stubborn.  And yet… he is strong, confident, honorable, honest, compassionate and, as I said, tremendously sexy.  Which is why so many of us find him irresistible.  The combination is maddeningly magical.

We want him to find the one (or we want to be the one) who makes him stop hurting and commit.  In our hearts, we know his flaws will drive us away as it did his second, third and fourth wives, but we hope.  We want to see his smile – we want to make him smile.  We want that smile to be turned out way.

I think I love Gibbs most in his relationship with goth forensic scientist Abby Sciuto.  For her he always has a Caf-Pow and a kiss to the forehead.  He is paternal while remaining professional.  He trusts her yet still demands what he needs when he needs it.  She adores him and we adore the side he shows her.

MarkHarmon1He is a hard and challenging character and yet there are episodes with him that make me cry.  Only today the USA channel showed an episode where I was teary.  It is Season 1 / Episode 2, a point where the character wasn’t fully known to viewers.  And yet, as someone who now knows this character well, I can honestly say they portrayed him then as they continued to – with fierce compassion and complete dedication to justice.  His scenes with the son of a recently murdered Marine are beautiful.

So here’s to you Jethro!  You’ve got me hooked.

Next?  My geeky beta-love for Timothy McGee.  Oh, he makes me smile.