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Deadlines, deadlines.

I’m currently in a Sharknado of them, but of course my brain has decided to deliver something that is not contracted.

The characters are talking to me. Loudly. In particular the hero.

For the last THREE nights I’ve been up until almost three in the morning and writing 3k a night. I do it because I’m dead tired, I work on contracted stuff during the day and it’s the only way to shut him up.


It’s been a long time since I, to quote Nora Roberts, vomited words on a page.

So at night, while I’m working away I have the television on. No, I didn’t watch Sharknado as I HATE sharks with a passion. I discovered a show on Showtime called Gigolos.


HOW have I not discovered this show before? Seriously, how?

People claim it’s fictional. I don’t care. It’s a show with good looking, naked guys talking about pleasuring women and connecting with them! Hells to the YEAH.

And the interactions with the guys. OMG. Too funny.

It’s been interesting research because the guys will take classes. Like, Ash had a client who wanted to be dominated and Ash, well he’s really a caring, giving person so he took a class. So while I was writing I was taking some notes.

It was also refreshing to get a guy’s perspective on things. I mean, there have been some challenging clients …like a Furry. Poor Nick.

Or ladies who want a bit of double penetration or a foursome and one Gigolo isn’t that comfortable being close to other men. He’s old school.

Either way, I’m kind of glad this character has been forcing me to work at night and letting me catch up on TV.

Apparently I’ve been missing out hot guys like Nick here. *fans self*


Happy Saturday! 🙂