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Overall rating – 5 silken sheets


17450512 MAW coverShe thought he hated her. He thought she was too good for him. Fate proved them both wrong

On a slow day at work, Lexi Adams discovers an on-line erotic romance novel. Intrigued by the similarities she shares with the heroine, she starts reading and becomes enamored with the leading man. The problem is, she’s only able to access the novel on her work computer.

Ric Ackart, head of the IT department, suspects she’s slacking off and decides to find out what she does in front of her computer screen all day. His surprise at what takes up her time is overshadowed by the fact that the novel’s leading man shares his face and the name he used years ago..

Now Ric is forced to come to terms with his feelings for her―but Lexi isn’t willing to share more than her body…


OK, I have to be upfront about this. I have some connections to this book. After devouring Sotia’s excellent vampire novel (Cherry Stem), I hounded her until she finally agreed that I could beta read for her. I also created the ebook cover, and generally nagged all my book-buddies to buy her work. It’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of this new and upcoming author 🙂

So what got me so excited about Magic At Work? Office romances are a favourite trope of mine anyway. Add in a little hint of paranormal and I was hooked. Sotia also writes blisteringly hot sex scenes * grin *

It all starts like a normal day at the office. Lexi Adams is too bright for the role she’s been given in her stepfather’s company, and she’s quickly bored. There aren’t even any hot guys to ogle apart from Ric Ackart, the head of IT, and she’s already written him off as a complete jerk.


She began to politely introduce herself. “Hi, I’m—”

“The boss’s daughter, who just moved back from New York. Yeah, I know.” He left his mug on the drying block and grabbed a paper towel before finally turning to her.


Lexi needs something to occupy herself with until home time, so she turns to Google. Come on, you’ve done that yourself. I joke that Google is my friend, the amount of things I look for with this particular search engine. Anyway, Lexi types an unusual search: Does true love exist?

The results are surprising. Her eyes are drawn to an online erotic romance novel and she starts to read. The leading female is called Xandra – Lexi’s nickname – and even looks like her. How could she resist it?


exotic beast cover

Exotic Beast: the Saga of Xandra and Rex—a FREE Erotic Romance novel by Xopi Chilli

Will Xandra allow herself to fall for a vampire, despite the generations of hatred between their species? Is she even capable of true love, and will she fight for it if she finds it?

 Maybe it was the fact that her nearly secret nickname was there—or maybe that the second question struck a chord—but Lexi clicked on the link and was directed to a page showing a man and woman in the shadows. The man was the hottest specimen of the male species she’d ever laid eyes on.


5641726_s Back home, Lex tries to find the online novel so that she can keep reading, but Google no longer has a link. Disappointed, she searches again the next day at work – it’s back! After her work is done, she starts reading again, getting rather, uh, turned on in the process. Well it is an erotic novel * grin *

Meanwhile, Ric wonders just what she’s doing, glued to her computer.


He could tell she was frightened at the prospect of more responsibility, but couldn’t guess why that was. It could be that she doubted she could do more, or maybe she more than pretended to be busy. If it was the latter, what was she busy doing?


He’s the head of IT and that comes with certain privileges, including viewing people’s screens. What he finds shocks him to the core… not just that Lexi is reading a smutty novel while she’s supposed to be working, but the hero of her smutfest not only looks like him, but uses a name he called himself years ago – Rex.


7881984_sHe felt his cock stir at the thought that she was touching herself, and tried hard to ignore it in favor of satisfying his curiosity. What had prompted her to play with herself? Was the golden girl watching on-line porn? He could use the company’s tracking system to check her on-line activity, but decided against it. He didn’t want whatever she was doing to be recorded on the log, plus the monitoring system didn’t work on all company computers around the clock.

Instead, he fell back on the skills he’d accumulated during his brief tenure as a hacker.

It took about twenty minutes before he could see on his screen exactly what she saw on hers. It would have taken less, if Lexi hadn’t let out those sexy little mewls every once in a while, forcing him to constantly readjust his jeans and want to crawl to the restroom for a quick hand-job.

Just as she let out a keening wail and visibly shuddered with release, Ric’s eyes landed on a random line in the text she was apparently reading. He felt his eyes widen to the size of saucers. His jaw dropped, his straining cock temporarily forgotten as he took in what was before his eyes.


Ric also spots that the heroine looks like Lexi and this fuels more than one of his own fantasies. He’s had the hots for Lexi for ages, but she’s the boss’s daughter.


19398846_sIt didn’t help that she was so bloody beautiful and had flirted with him when they’d first met, moments after he’d left Pedelty’s office that day. She shouldn’t be flirting with him. She was off limits, and he had to respect that—was trying too buggering hard to respect it…

And he really had to stop looking at her legs.


What follows is a delightful, funny, and sexy read. Ric determines to find out who is behind the novel, and so does Lexi, while they fight a searing attraction to each other. They’ve both been burned before and have some baggage, and this relationship is complicated on several delicious levels.

The first time they have sex, gloriously passionate in-the-office sex, Lexi shouts out Rex’s name when she comes.


9672130_s - mono

He was Ric and he was Rex and he’d just had the best damned sex of his life. He had to check himself and stop sweating the small stuff; a name was but a name, after all.


Office romances should traditionally include getting it on at the office, and Magic At Work delivers nicely on that score. Boardroom table – check. Broom cupboard – check. Lots of hot gazes, little touches and gestures, lots of fun and sexy banter. I really liked the dialogue. Lexi comes across as young and fun loving, with a smart line in self-chat, and Ric is a demon at snappy repartee. They came across as two people you’d love to have in your own office – you know they’d brighten it up immeasurably.

Add in a cast of strong secondary characters and some paranormal twists, and it’s a page turner of a book ideal for your summer holiday reading, or a lazy weekend. It’s hard to put down, so try not to get disturbed. Above all, it’s a fun, sexy, feelgood type of book. It’s hard not to read it without giggling at their smartass comments, and finishing it with a beaming smile on your face 🙂

Overall rating – 5 silken sheets


Sexy rating – 5 lips


Plot – great

Characters – fabulous!

Warnings – you might spend a increased amount of time on Google and start looking at your IT geeks in a different light * grin *


Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

Published:  March 2013; $4.45 (Amazon)

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