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Eva2I just hit “send” on a new erotica story and sent it to a new publisher. It’s exhilarating to do so, although the first time you do it, it’s absolutely terrifying.

This time though, I’ve learned a few things. Honed my skills just a tiny bit more. I cut the living heck out of this manuscript and completely reworked it. I killed all my darlings! *Sniff!* But in the end, I am confident the story will be better this way.

So to confuse everybody, I took a vampire comedy with a heat level of about 1 and turned it into a vampire erotica with a touch of horror and a heat level of about 4, while still having a tiny bit of comedy.

Here’s a snippet:

She wanted him to take her like animal. Possess her. Even if there was a risk he’d not be gentle. Especially if he wouldn’t be gentle. “Bite me, Antonio. Please, bite me hard.”

He hissed, leaving her breast and moving up her torso. His hands squeezed her biceps, holding her still like a prisoner. His warm breath blew over her collar bones, then her carotid artery. “Be careful what you wish for, Miss Blaylock. That is not my intention, but I may not be able to control myself if you tempt me too often.”

Oh, this was exactly what she’d hoped to find from the dating service. Not a tofu-eating sandal-wearing liberal, but a dark beast of a man who understood her need to be taken and could, would take her when he finally lost control. Waiting for his control to snap would be delicious. Never had the deer so relished the hunt. She smiled, running her hands over his cool shoulders, down the valley of his back. “I hope to tempt you all night long.”

He stopped and sat up. “This is a bad idea. I should let you go now before it is too late.”

The roar of the plane’s engines increased. The plane lurched forward down the runway. He wobbled, coming onto his hands planted on either side of her. His glowing white cock bobbed between them…

More later,  and I hope to share good news soon! In the meantime, let me know if you’ve ever read comedy in a vampire erotica story. I’d like to see how it was done.

And BTW Blaylock is a famous name in vampire history. Does anyone recall who it refers to?