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Amy: I’m off camping. I’m in the land of no interwebs and totally disconnected. *Rocks back and forth* So Anya had graciously stepped forward in my stead, because while I’m scheduling this I’m buried in camping gear and ready to murder my DH. 😉

Take it away, Anya.

My pal Amy Ruttan is off camping *delicate shudder* and asked me to fill in for her at Silken Sheets and Seduction this week. Of course I said, “yes.” After all, besides being willing to do anything for a friend I felt a little bad for her, going off into the Wilds. My idea of camping is a cheap motel and the last time I slept in a tent I was fifteen and at Girl Guide camp. I’m no Princess, but I enjoy creature comforts, like flush toilets and indoor showers…jus’ saying.

I get all the excitement in my life by putting my characters through the ringer, and never more-so than in my Unveiled Seductions series.

In Fleeing Fate there’s a Banshee on the run from her ruling council who links up with a banished West African storm god in an effort to regain and keep the emotions that were stolen from her. In the process they risk her life by tattooing her with inks that could potentially kill her, lose their hearts and fry the lighting system in the Midnight Café.


Stone-Hard Passion brings together a gentle troll and a jinn who’s need for independence has made her an implacable enemy. When danger comes calling, our hero can’t resist coming to the rescue, even when he knows he’s too much of a beast to be able to hold on the beauty he’s fallen so hard for.


The heroes of Dragon’s Claim face the kind of dilemma no one wants—how much are you willing to sacrifice for others? One man has pledged his life to save his elven clan, an act his dragon-shifter lover thinks is an abomination. Yet, to keep the other man’s love, the dragon must accept the path his lover is determined to take.

Dragon's Claim

Yeah, there’s enough excitement to be found in writing and in reading other people’s books. I’ll leave the intrepid stuff, like sky-diving and rock climbing to others and get my heart-rate up with a good book!


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