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NeverSayNever_BWThis is going to be a short post. I wanted to share a recently learned lesson of the interwebs. Never put out there what you might later wish to retract. Now, in my particular case, it is far more humorous than antagonistic.

I believe it was not but a few months ago I posted here–or perhaps it was a guest post somewhere–that I was done writing historical romance for a while.

Please, commence laughing.

Why yes, I have begun writing a new historical romance. No, I had absolutely no intention of doing such a thing, but then I had a notion. What if a bride and groom marry only to discover they share certain–ahem–proclivities? What if once they discovered this they grew to love each other? And then what if something really horrible came about to screw this all up?

Yeah, so here I sit now working on a new historical erotic romance.

Go figure!