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I’m back from camping and seriously under pressure.

It’s a good pressure though. I was offered a 3 book contract from Harlequin Medicals. WOOT!

The first one is due October 15th.

Not to mention the fact that I’m furiously trying to finish the first draft of my third bear book and stay on top of EVERYTHING and dealing with some of my own personal medical issues.





So while I deal with my pressure I thought I’d share a little excerpt from my story in the recent Fondled & Gobbled Messier than Ever which released on July 31.


He growled and snatched her arm, pulling her flush against his clammy, muscular chest. “I care naught if you have a tight sheath betwixt your legs.”
“Then why are you asking for a tight pussy?”
“’Tis your name!”
Xochiquetzal cocked an eyebrow. “No. My name is Xochiquetzal.”
“It’s tight pussy,” he snarled.
“Look, for the right amount of ore you can call me whatever, Noodle Dick.” She thought it was best to not mention the limp aspect to his name in this crowd.
Now it was his turn to look confused. “Noodle Dick? I am Chief Commander Daxiron Sarthulet of the Chandilian Empire. Xochiquetzal in my tongue is the word for tight pussy.”
By the Goddesses.
“So we have a bit of a language barrier going on here, you need to fix your internal translator. In my native tongue Daxiron Sarthulet means limp noodle dick.”
Daxiron wrinkled his nose in disgust. “Nothing about me is limp.”
“Well, I could say my pussy isn’t tight.” She leaned forward and whispered in his ear in the most seductive voice she could muster. “But we know that’s just not true, is it?”
He snarled and shook her. “Whatever your name is, I’ve come for revenge on you!”
“What did I do?” It was then Xochiquetzal had a sinking feeling.
Oh. By. The Goddess.
She tilted her head to get a closer look at him. She didn’t know much about their species, no one in this sector of the galaxy did, but she could definitely see a greenish tinge to his bronze skin.
“What did you do?” His voice neared a deafening decimal. “You got me pregnant!”