Eva2Sex on a Hot Tin Roof

Temperatures have been in the 90’s here and what’s worse, it’s been muggy as all get out. Constant thunderstorms push the humidity up to darn near unbearable levels. It’s just gross to be outside. Makes one cranky as heck. At night, sleeping in front of the fan still leaves you lying in a pool of warm. The inability to get comfortable kind of reminds me of the Elizabeth Taylor movie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.cat on a hot tin roof

Just think about it. The hot metal burning the cat’s paws would make it skitter along as quickly as possible, kind of like tossing and turning in bed trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. So how do you even have sex in that kind of environment?

When I was much younger I had a boyfriend with an attic room. Yes, I can see you cringing from here. It was HOT up there when it was 100 degrees outside. Woo boy. Talk about sweat. Lots and lots of sweat. Puddles of it forming in every concave space on our bodies. Between the breasts. On the belly. In the thigh crease. At the base of the neck by the collarbones. The sway of the back. The butt crack. The hollow between the shoulder blades. There’s really no place that escapes becoming a salt lick when you’re that hot. And you don’t even have to move much! Not that it stopped us…

Ah the young and foolish. As adults, we prefer the cool air-conditioned environment for our escapades. But are we missing something? A little body heat, a little slickness can be fun. Something like this:

He lowered his head and licked a trail between her breasts. “Mmm you taste salty.” He slid up her body until their hipbones connected. His hot breath blazed her ear. “Salty and good.”

Oh heavens. Kyle’s husky rumble set her body on fire. The blaze in her ear fanned the fire in her pussy, making it so damn hot she had to open her legs wide and wrap them around his ass to let in some air. She moaned as the hot head of his cock pressed against her slick entrance. With only a slight rock of her hips, he’d enter her. But partway wouldn’t be enough, only a tease.

Kyle nipped her neck. “Do you want it, baby?” He raised a little, placed his palms on her thighs and lifted them, folding her in half until her feet met her shoulders. “Are you ready?”

A thin line of sweat trickled down the sculpted valley of his chest, glistening in the sunlight. She traced it with a finger, but longed to lick it with her tongue. If he’d only come closer…

Stay sweaty!


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