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Eva2Okay I may as well out myself now.

Yes, I’m a smutty girl. But before I was a smutty girl I was a scifi girl. Yep. Star Trek. Star Blazers. Battlestar Galactica. I know, I’m dating myself here. To read more about my young lass experiences with SciFi, I blogged about it here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fully convinced SciFi made me the smutty girl I am today!

Which is one reason why I went to the Seattle Star Trek con this weekend. And saw WILLIAM SHATNER in the flesh. Woot! Nothing rates better than that, right? But I gotta tell ya, I’m happiest when the scifi merges with the smut. *nods* And that happens often on fanfic.

I don’t know how many of you read or write fanfic, but I’ve got fond memories of several fanfic stories I’ve read. One of them is a DS9/TNG short featuring Garak and Deanna Troi. If you haven’t read much Star Trek fanfic, you might start here and look around. You’ll find M/M pairings, M/F, M/M/F, F/F etc. Any combo you desire! And not just Star Trek too, although I’m partial : )

I do happen to have a fanfic piece I started back in 2010 for NaNoWriMo from GITS Ghost in the Shell, featuring Batou (yum!) and a mystery girl. I found it on my hard drive and here’s a snippet:

Tighter and tighter – God she was tight! – she squeezed him in until at last she must have reached her capacity and could take no more. With a shudder she collapsed onto his chest, panting and shivering.

She scratched at the fabric of his shirt, and he lifted it over his head without too badly disturbing her tentative perch.

He allowed himself to touch her then. One hand cupped her tiny ass and caressed it, sending a liquid ache hammering from his sac to his thick base. The other hand, as gently as he could, lifted her chin towards him and his lips tasted hers.

She shivered at his kiss and his body nearly jumped off the chair with desire. His cock, once hard, now like steel, ached at the sight of her flushed cheeks next to his chest, at her small body that seemed to float daintily on top of his, filled with a cock she could hardly bear. Ever so carefully, he coaxed her ass up and down just a little, and groaned in delight.

She moaned against his lips, her fingers curling and digging into his upper arm and chest. Her fingers brushed a nipple and he moaned, his body working its own magic as his chest arched and she slid against him, her tiny hard nipples brushing his chest making his cock stand even more erect. More stiff than he’d ever been.

He couldn’t even have imagined being this turned on by the girl who’d showed up at his door, but somehow, her very smallness made him feel bigger, more powerful, than he’d ever been before.

They fell into a rhythm, short strokes, enough to give him pleasure and yet not enough to cause her harm. With each downward stroke she let out tantalizing gasps. With each upward stroke her cheek rubbed against his chest until her lips reached his. He greedily swooped in, and their tongues met in a brief wet rush before the next stroke, just enough to tease him even harder. His cock seemed to stand up taller of its own accord, there being little he could do about it. It’s not as if he could throw her down and fuck her, strong arm her without breaking her. Forcing himself to be extra gentle actually gave her the control, and it was driving him crazy like no woman had ever done before.

All the sudden she lifted her head, fear and surprise both vivid in her eyes. Her fingernails dug deeper into his chest.

His hand came reflexively behind her head. “What is it?”

She groaned and panted, struggling on top of him. “I’ve never…” she managed. “I’ve never…”

The next second, her entire body stiffened, as if Batou were suddenly fucking a rod. She stared at him as if asking for help.

He thought he understood. “It’s okay. Just relax-“

She howled. Her whole body began to shake. She writhed on top of him, letting out mewling cries that the dog must have found interesting.

Down below, she gripped his cock in an even tighter sheath and his balls burst open, sending his head back into the chair and his hips bucking under her. He nearly lost consciousness as he pumped and showered into her for what seemed like minutes. How she rode him he’d never know, except for the fact she was so tight around him he had no way of coming out. He bellowed, every muscle contracting – even his toes – and yet his one thought was to not cause her harm.

When he’d spent himself, she collapsed on top of him and buried her face in his wide chest. He buried one hand in her hair, and with the other cupped her ass, content for the moment to simply breathe. With each rise and fall of his chest, the little bird rose and fell as well. After a few minutes, she squirmed.


She nodded, and eased off of him. He had to catch her as he came fully out of her. Perhaps he’d weakened her somehow, or she was more frail even than she appeared. He steadied her and she took off for the bathroom like a rabbit.

He laid there, awash in endorphins. He hadn’t experienced this sensation in a very long time. Much less with a young woman as petite as her. His eyelids drifted happily closed once more.

A few minutes later, she had returned. Blood on her thighs made him bolt upright, grab for her hand, consider his weapon options.

“You’re hurt?”

She lowered her head and mumbled, “It was my first time.”

He paused, half out of the chair as his heart sank through his chest. Her first time and she’d spent it with a cyborg? Guilt stabbed him in his electronically enhanced heart while his balls chorused an egotistical hooray. Everybody knew cyborgs made the worst lovers. Known for their aloof, unemotional ways –not to mention a myriad of strange kinks – they often didn’t mix well with human lovers, so why would she choose him?

Looking at her now, she physically seemed as fragile as before, but somehow her demeanor had changed. Perhaps it was in the slight lift to her chin as she came closer.

“Here. Let me clean you off.” She knelt next to the chair and ran the washcloth over his cock and balls.

When she cleaned off his head, erotic sparks flared back to life. Seeing her on her knees before him made his balls contract and his cock harden at the same time. He swore he could hear his balls cheer and forcibly tuned out the internal chatter. “Thanks.”

She nodded and stood, swiping at the remaining blood on her right thigh. “Can I stay now?”

One day maybe I’ll finish it. Until then, happy reading!