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It’s been a while since I was working on new words totally from scratch. For the past few months, I’ve either been working on publisher edits on book two of my Pleasure Code Series, UP IN KNOTS or expanding a 20k novella into a full length book. I kinda feel like I’ve been working on those two stories for for-evah. But now the publisher edits are largely done and I’ve queried the expanded story so now I’m…not being very productive.

I should be plotting book three of my Pleasure Code Series, but I’m having a hard time switching gears. I’m still all in with the editing brain. Plus I have this plot bunny with my biker series that I really wanna work on, but until I hear back from Ms Amazing Editor, the biker series is on the back burner.

I really need to work on my Pleasure Code series. Book one is out, book two is contracted and has a release date (March 10th by the way!), I should’ve already drafted book three at the very least. Unfortunately I’m looking more like the dog from Up! instead of a producing author this week.

Anyone have some advice for a distra—SQUIRREL!