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Silken Sheets.GriffinThere’s no better feeling than to finish a book that I’ve been writing. Writing “The End” seemed like it would never come. It can take months for me to properly develop characters and a new world. While I’m writing the characters are like my children. I know them intimately. I understand them even when their intended mate doesn’t. I know why they say the things they say and act the way they do. I know their weak spots and their erogenous zones.

They are mine even though I don’t “own” them. They are, in essence, a separate and unique entity. I couldn’t make or force my character into any situation they didn’t want to be in no more than I could force a stranger into bending to my will.

After I perfect their story and tell it to the best of my ability, I pass it over to my editor who I hope (and cross my fingers) see’s the characters as I do. When I turn my story in, I am entrusting my editor to help me make my story better. My eyes are open and I’m taking all my editors advice in.

The jitters start when it’s ready to be released. My only goal is for readers to love and appreciate my characters as much as I do. But there’s something more that happens. While I can’t attest that this happens to every writer I can attest that it happens to me.
After a story is finished and I’m waiting on the release, I seem to be stuck in this semi-sleep state. There’s always more stories to write and so much to do—like give the dog a bath or clean the mud spot that’s been on the carpet all summer long, but I can’t. I’m emotionally exhausted. I don’t know if anyone understands how mentally exhausting writing is. Writers plot and plan and often fight with their characters in order to tell a really good story. When it’s done it’s as if all of the life has been sucked out of me.
Well that is until the next idea forms and I’m stuck for hours in front of my laptop trying to get the right words out to tell it.
Until the next “The End”…


The 3rd book in the Loving Dangerously Series, Dangerously Hers is available from Ellora’s Cave October 9th, 2013.