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cupcakeWe did! September 12th is our 2nd birthday. 

Since it’s our birthday we wanted to take a moment to first of all say thank you to every person who has visited, guest blogged, or otherwise been a part of our little community.

Second we wanted to encourage you to keep coming back! We’ve added lots of new things and people in the last year. We offer reviews by Sofia and we’ve added a variety of authors to offer new and different content. We plan to keep on doing more of the same, and hopefully we can come up with a surprise or two as well.

For a final thank you, I am offering up 2 sets (because we’re 2!) of my One Night With A Cowboy series. The first book is available now and the winners will receive an advance copy of the second story when it is ready. All you have to do is post below and tell us what you like best about Silken Sheets and Seduction to be entered to win. 

Be sure to stay tuned, because some of the other ladies may be dropping in to offer up their own gifts in celebration of our anniversary.



Elizabeth Torrence spent the last nine years establishing her career and then building her advertising business from the ground up. The problem is to do that she had to walk away from the one man who could have been the one.

Chance Rogers, a star bull rider on the pro circuit had met the girl he wanted to marry back when he was scampering to rodeos between classes at the University of Texas. After only one date she refused to see him again. One failed marriage later, he is finally ready to try again. So he turns to a dating service to help him get back in to the swing of things.

When Chance walks into the room at the Golden Mustang Dude Ranch, Beth is determined that history will not repeat itself. Not hers and not her mother’s. But will she take her Chance or lose him again?

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Cassie Truhart is too busy with life and the Golden Mustang Dude Ranch to worry about love. Especially since her fiancé dumped her for an easier life in the city. Elbow deep in horseshit, she never expects to meet a man capable of commanding not only her attention, but possibly her love.

Trent Jones agreed to a blind date to appease his pesky younger sister. He never imagined finding a woman that would rouse every dominant instinct he possessed, much less love. Good thing his real date cancelled at the last minute.

As Cassie and Trent indulge their strong sexual attraction, he must discover if one night with a cowboy is long enough for him to claim his cowgirl.

Coming Soon!