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Busy week here with two new releases for my pen names–one a wickedly sexy paranormal romance and the other a super steam romantic suspense. Here are two sexy excerpts to get pique your interest!


Avani realized her mistake the second he smiled so sexily. White-hot need arced through her core. His rough palms glided up and down her arms and set her skin alight. She spotted the crimson flecks coloring his irises now. Though their constant touch seemed to prevent a fully forced shift into their dragon forms, there was no stopping the more primal urges or the tiniest hints of their beastly natures from peeking through. Her mind was filled with such primitive thoughts—hunger and lust paramount among them.

Griffin shifted her until she straddled his lap. His hands explored her curves as if she belonged to him and her body existed only for his pleasure. His domineering moves should have annoyed her—and in some small way they did—but another part of her, the primal dragon she tried to keep buried, responded to his possessive touch.

The serpent that lived within her craved a powerful male to serve as her partner and mate. For Avani’s more dominant human side, it wasn’t that simple. She wanted love, passion, and security, not simply to find good chemistry that would appease her Naga.

But all those thoughts were much too serious to be considered now. Griffin’s big hands did crazy things to her blood pressure. The silky fabric shielding her body did little to inhibit his roaming palms. He cupped her breast and brushed his thumb over her nipple. A tight peak formed and pressed against the green silk.

“Griffin,” she whispered his name, while he traced the bud through her top.

“Strip for me.” Need filled his hoarse voice.

Anxiety gripped her. The lights were so bright in here. “Maybe we could move to the bed and turn off some of these lamps.”

He made a low, hungry sound. “I want to see you.”


“All of you,” he interrupted gruffly and grabbed a handful of her shirt. “Take this off.”

She shivered at his commanding tone. There was no denying him. She started to flick through the buttons but he growled. “Too slow!”

He ripped the fabric with his strong hand. She whimpered at his display of strength but he calmed her with a sensual kiss. His tongue danced with hers. When he nibbled her lower lip, she rocked against him.

Rather insistently, he shoved the torn shirt off her shoulders. Breasts bared to him, she cried out as his mouth touched her there. He cupped her hot flesh and let his lips move from peak to peak. She clasped his shoulders and arched into his tormenting mouth. “Griffin!”

Seemingly overcome with lust, he slipped his arm around her waist and stood. She expected him to carry her to the bed, but he flipped their positions and placed her in the low, wide chair. The leather retained his body heat and made her want to snuggle into its comforting depths.

Griffin took hold of her sleeping shorts and jerked them down her hips and legs. He tossed them over his shoulders. Naked and nervous, she squeezed her knees together. He shot her a look before grasping her thighs and prying them wide apart.

Pulsing and aching with desire, Avani blushed as he peered intently at her sex. “What are you doing?”

“What I wanted to do back at the gym,” he answered. She hissed as he gently parted her folds with his thumbs. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

You can pick up a copy right now (US/Canada only!) at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance eBooks and iTunes for $1.99!


With his personal business in order, Kelly drove to the nearest big box store to pick up everything on Bee’s list. He had never shopped for a woman before so he was glad she had been specific about the brands she wanted. A couple of times she didn’t note the fragrance she liked so he had to resort to strange measures to get it right.

Glancing around, he sniffed the soap and antiperspirant until he found the ones that smelled right. He prayed no one would come around the corner. They would probably report him to management for being a soap-sniffing freak.

As he pushed his cart down the aisle of shaving supplies, Kelly considered what it said about his feelings toward Bee that he had memorized her scent profile. The threat against her had shaken him up enough that abiding by some unspoken rule of friendship no longer seemed important. The twenty years of friendship he’d shared with Jeb had been the greatest of his life. Never again would he have a friend like that.

But right now the possibility of creating something real and intimate and lifelong with Bee hovered just before him. He’d put his life on hold for the last four years—and he was done. It was time to live.

Back at the penthouse, he used the private elevator to access the top floor of Yuri’s skyscraper. He wasn’t surprised to be greeted by Winn the second he stepped off the elevator into the reception hall of the luxurious suite. The highly decorated soldier had obviously seen the security feed of Kelly entering the elevator from the parking lot but he wasn’t taking any chances. Kelly liked him all the more for it.

“She’s in her room.” Winn held open the door since Kelly’s hands were full. “We ordered a late lunch. There’s a sandwich and salad in the refrigerator for you.”

“Thanks.” He crossed the living area and glanced at Sully who was fiddling with a book of Sudoku puzzles. They nodded at each other before he disappeared out of sight. When he reached the master suite, he knocked twice. “Bee?”


Taking her response as permission, he opened the door—and lost his grip on the bags. They tumbled to the floor amid Bee’s gasp of surprise. Unable to stop himself, Kelly raked his needy gaze along her very naked and incredibly nubile form. The dampness of her hair told him she’d just had a shower. The foot propped on the bed and the tiny bottle of complimentary lotion filled in the blanks.

Finally shaking herself from the shock of being discovered in this precarious position, Bee reached for the towel but Kelly stopped her with one gruffly spoken word. “No.”

Closing the door behind him, he pushed aside the bags with the toe of his boot and flipped the lock. Bee slowly lowered her petite leg. She bit her lower lip and eyed him like prey keeping a wary eye on a prowling jungle cat. Not wanting to push her too fast, too soon, he said, “Tell me to leave, Bee.”

She didn’t even hesitate. Holding out her hand, she said, “Stay.”

So he did.

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