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It has been a wild couple of weeks! Most good and a little bad. So, let’s start at the beginning!

First, last time I blogged I told you I was working on a new WIP. I am now at 62K on that thing and I think the keys on my computer are melting I’ve been typing so fast. I anticipate being done soon and then it will be off to my poor crit partner who had no idea I wrote erotic until she got Love Revealed in her inbox. In my defense, I had not planned on writing erotic romance when we agreed to be crit partners. It just kind of happened. 🙂

Second, again, last time I blogged I told you I was going to be featured in an ARe promotion. Well, I was (I hope you got the free copy of Love Revealed!) and HOLY COW amazing things have been going on! A picture’s worth a thousand words…

AReSnapshotOct2013Did you see all those silver stars? Those mean that book is an ARe Bestseller! Now, if you follow my personal blog or ANY of my social media accounts then none of this will be news to you. I should probably shut up about this all very soon. But, I am still shocked to say that a full week after my promo spot Love Revealed is STILL the number one book in their Historical Other category. Unfortunately they do not have an overarching Historical Romance category, so I have no clue where I stack up in the general mix of things. But still, I am number one there. Love Revealed is holding a top five spot in 2 other categories as well: Erotic Romance and BDSM.

But wait. There’s more! The other two books in the series are also best sellers (see picture above) and they are both still in the top 100 of historical other. Woot! How awesome is that? You’ll have to forgive me, since I never anticipated this happening. I had hoped for a boost in sales. But this was so fantastic!

Third, in the midst of all the publishing fun DH took me out for an early birthday celebration. Yummy! We went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and enjoyed a seriously good porterhouse for two. See, his birthday is 9 days before mine (which was yesterday) so we usually do a double celebration right in the middle.


Fourth, the not so great news. Like many of you I have been impacted by the government shutdown. I don’t talk about my EDJ too much, but suffice it to say while I am working still, I have no idea when I will see a paycheck again. And I am still at risk of being sent home should this school yard squabble continue. I will not comment on the debacle beyond saying I am fed up with all parties involved. It makes me sad to see our government acting like a bunch of brats in the sandbox. If they aren’t careful myself and many like me might just take our toys and go home, too.

So, there. If I seem to swing wildly between euphoric tweets of bestseller-joy and general crankiness you can understand.

Fifth (I know, I only said news three times–apparently a lot more happened than I realized!), I also mentioned last time my next short story from the One Night With A Cowboy series is coming out soon. I think it will be around late October or early November. As soon as I have the blog tour lined up and all the ebook files created I will give you a specific release date. Just be sure to keep an eye out!

Last, but not least, I am running a giveaway over at booklikes.com for my birthday and I am giving away 3 copies of the 3rd book in The Market Series, Love Reclaimed (you may notice a pattern here around the number 3, LOL!). Be sure to stop by and enter to win by 10/6/2013.

And…I’m done!

Oh! Oh! Oh! One last thing…I swear! We also now have a page over at Google+, so if you are more of a Google-er than a Facebook-er, add us to your circles!