aaaGillian_SigSo I’ve been a little MIA here lately. Honestly writing has been the last thing I wanted to talk or even think about. I’m at this place where nothing is working. I can’t figure out the plot and tension in my current WIP. Which are pretty much the two most important parts of the story *headdesk*

I’ve plotted, researched some stuff and annoyed all my writerly friends with emails about my lack of ideas. They’ve tried to help but I need more of a grasp on the story before anyone can help me.

I guess this is the unglamorous pain that sometimes comes with series? At this point it’s less fun and more work. And I really miss the fun. I’m tempted to put it aside and work on something else at least until I have more of a handle on where the story is going to go. Maybe then I’d get some words on the page. Lord knows I’m not getting any work done the way I’m currently going.

So I guess I’m giving myself permission to indulge in my plot bunnies lol. Thanks for letting me work my problems out. Apparently I really needed to get that off my chest 🙂