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sofia1Do you have a Book Boyfriend? Or like me, several at once?

Over on my shared blog site (GeminiGirls.com) where I hang out with the lovely Allyson Lindt, we were arguing about our Book Boyfriends, and which was the more popular… and Allyson had one of those lightbulb moments.

“Why don’t we nominate our favourites, and then ask people to vote on them?”

Ta dah…. we created Book Boyfriend of the Month 🙂

Then we had the problem that we had so many book boyfriends to choose from, how did we narrow it down? That was easy. We have a different genre every month. September was military heroes, and October is Bad Boys. And boy, do we have some really Bad Boys lined up for you to choose from!


Nate – from The Kiss (Sotia Lazu)


162x264xCharlotteSteinSheltered_jpg_pagespeed_ic_zz9-_8_sfrVan – from Sheltered (Charlotte Stein)


BarbaraElsborgStrangersCharlie Storm – from Strangers (Barbara Elsborg)




OliviaCunningDoubleTimeTrey Mills – from Sinners on Tour (Olivia Cunning)

Already, we’ve had 2 further nominations – Tack (Motorcycle Man, by Kristen Ashley) and Jace Seymour (Sinners on Tour, by Olivia Cunning).

To make it even more fun, everyone who takes part in nominations and voting will go into a draw to win prizes donated by our 4 main authors – Sotia Lazu, Charlotte Stein, Barbara Elsborg and Olivia Cunning.

Come on over and check out the regular updates on our blog. We have pictures and excerpts so far, and soon we’ll be adding quotes from the Bad Boys themselves – and more. We’re on Pinterest too with even more images, and if Facebook is your thing, we have a BBotM page there too 🙂

This is our blog: www.GeminiGirls.com

This is our latest update (excerpts): http://www.geminigirls.com/book-boyfriend-of-the-month/

This is where we hang out on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sofiagrey1/book-boyfriend-of-the-month/

And find us here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/BookBoyfriendOfTheMonth

Oh, and we Tweet too – check out #BBotM

What are you waiting for?