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A different kind of first.

When I was twenty-three, I experienced a first. The kind of first that a lot of girls blush when they talk about it. A first that’s not really meant to be shared in polite company, or with a more uptight crowd of folks.

Yup, you guessed it; I had my sci-fi & fantasy convention cherry popped. And I didn’t toe delicately into a local shindig. I went all out and made DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia my first time.

It was an absolutely fabulous experience. Thousands upon thousands of people who shared similar interests, some dressed in costumes, an entire room filled with unique collectables… fandom as far as the eye could see.

And it introduced an entirely different kind of fantasy to my wandering thoughts. I’ve heard it said that hotel room sex is the best. I think the one thing that could make it better is finding that one sexy celebrity at a convention, someone who loves the crowds as much as any attendee, and hooking up.

Which is how the idea for my contemporary romance, Unconventional Fling was born. (She’s more at home in a boardroom, while he spends his time as the feature attraction at anime conventions. Can a sexy voice actor convince a successful business woman their one-night stand could be so much more?)


Two hours later Jade finally reached the entrance—someone else in line told her the doors hadn’t even opened yet when she’d arrived. The heels had probably been a bad idea. And there was still no sign of Brandon. She squeezed her way to the back of the room—they had opened the four main convention rooms downstairs to make one larger venue—and found a spot near the back wall. There were no seats left.

What was she even doing there? There was no way she would find anyone in this crowd. And the lights were going down. Great. She crossed her arms. What now?

A warm body pressed against her back, and she shifted to move out of the way. Two hands rested at her hips, and a familiar scent of soap and cinnamon greeted her. Brandon.

She couldn’t help her smile, not that anyone could see it in the now pitch-black room.

“You came.” His lips brushed her ear, breath warm against her skin. His hands slid to her stomach, pulling her closer.

Heat spread between her legs, and she leaned into him, his arousal hard against her butt. What was it about this man? “Not yet, but I’m hoping to.”

“I like that.” He kissed up the back of her neck, his words vibrating through her. “What are the odds I could turn the innuendo into reality?”

Before she could ask what he had in mind, his hand dropped to the bottom of her skirt. His fingers traced along the edge of the hem, around to the back of her legs until he caressed her inner thigh.

She gasped, intensely aware of the crowds around them but not sure she cared. She shifted her weight, and his hand glided higher.

Bright lights strobed from the stage, but none reached them. Heavy music pounded through the room, vibrating her feet and thumping in her chest. Or maybe that was her screaming pulse.

While one hand pushed up the back of her skirt, his other made its way under her shirt, palm resting directly on her stomach. “You know.” His voice was low but right next to her ear; it still cut through the bedlam. “If anyone catches us, we’re in trouble.”

She nodded, the confession heightening her arousal further. Need pulsed between her legs, and her nipples ached against fabric.

“And you’re going to let me keep going?” Laughter lined his seductive question.

She nodded again. “Don’t get us caught.”

His laugh rumbled through her back, hand sliding higher between her legs. “If I didn’t have to be on stage right now, I’d see that as a challenge.”

He brushed the bottom of her breast through the lace of her bra, and she lost any reply she might have, temporarily misplacing her disappointment that they didn’t have more time.

“Our Master of Ceremonies for the night, Brandon Powell!” The announcement echoed through the room.

“Dammit, I’ve been summoned.”

She grabbed his wrist to keep him from leaving yet and spun to face him. With her free hand, she fished something out of her purse. She slipped the room key into his back pocket. “Meet me upstairs after the concert?”

He kissed her hard before breaking away. “Give me thirty minutes after it ends.”

Unconventional Fling Contemporary RomanceBlurb

Jade is in Nashville on her third week of a month-long business trip. She doesn’t mind seeing a new city every week, but she’s dragging after so many without a break. When a sexy stranger wants to share her breakfast table, she welcomes the change in scenery. The easy banter and teasing that dances behind the eyes of the handsome voice actor have her wondering if just this once, a one-night stand might be worth her time.

Brandon is tired of the playboy image that comes with his cult-celebrity status. When he meets a business woman with a travel schedule as hectic as his, she lights a spark deep inside. The problem is, he’s hoping for something long-term, and she’s hesitant to start anything that will become long-distance. With less than three days before they go their separate ways, Brandon has to show Jade there’s more to them than just an unconventional fling.

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