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I’m back from Romanticon and it was awesome! I got to see all my old fiends again, meet people face-to-face that I’ve been talking to for a year, like the awesome A.M. Griffin.

I also came out of my shell a bit. I tried to.

You see, I’m really shy when it comes to meeting new people and REALLY shy are cute guys.

I know. Pathetic.

So I was forced by my CP to get in line and pose with the cavemen.



And I was soooo embarrassed, but Nick and DeAngelo were great sports.

And I did it. I overcame my shyness.

Another thing about Romanticon, I won an award (as did A.M. Griffin) for my contribution in the Fondled & Gobbled Anthology.



Romanticon was amazing and I can’t wait until next year!