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Eva2It’s nearly time for National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo and here I am three days before the competition starts working on a totally different project. Yep, it’s official. I’m crazy!

The story came to me on Saturday and I got almost 3,000 words down. My goal is 7,000, a scant amount compared to the 50,000 words required to win NaNo. So here’s to a quick finish!

I’m also enjoying doing some vampire flash fiction over on the TRS Studio party site. Part I of the story started on my blog, and then I migrated the continuation to TRS. Part IV on the party site will include a very different orgasm and you get to read the end here first!

bw vampires

* * * *

“Then you’ve seduced us all,” he groaned. Not that he minded becoming a part of her orgiastic army. No, he didn’t mind being ravished, forced to become a pimp and being bedded by Clarice nightly. Not at all. But he was seriously out of touch for not noticing.

“I thought you might be okay with it.” Clarice wrapped her legs around his hips and clung tightly, rocking back and forth on his erect cock. “But since you know what I am, I’ll let you choose this time. Trick or treat?”

“Both.” He grinned down at her and silently demanded his prize. Curious to see if she could read his mind, he nudged the tip of his erection against her and mentally stated his desire.

Her mouth formed an O. “You want me to make you come with your pants on? You naughty, naughty vamp!” She laughed as she leaned back and peeled her clothes off. Then she floated on the water on her back, her legs still wrapped around his middle. Her skin shimmered as she floated, and the water rippled around her. Tiny ripples at first, then bigger, stronger ones.

They lapped at his sides, caressed his ass, and the water grew warmer. Soon the waves took on a more intense quality, as though his clothes were no barrier to its increasingly firmer caresses. He sucked in a breath watching her beautiful breasts bob in the swells. His balls tightened and ached. “Clarice.”

She smiled and her hands paddled quickly, stirring the liquid in the pool to a near froth.

Piercing pleasure shot through him and the next instant he was spending himself in his pants while clutching her tightly against his shaft. Each pulse of the water rippled through his cock and it must have affected her as well, for she screamed his name.

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” she chanted as the water continued to roil.

He groaned and closed his eyes against her searing beauty, lest he be so possessed he could never get free. They stayed connected like that for several long minutes as the pool’s temperature and surface slowly returned to normal. At last he opened his eyes. With her hair flowing like silk and her body luminescent against the surface of the water, she was the most beautiful monster he’d ever seen. “You’ve bewitched me.”

She released her legs and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her spicy non-human flavor mingled with his own creating a masterpiece he knew he’d love to sample some more. Besides, he could handle this little sprite and her tricks, couldn’t he?

She moaned into his mouth and he knew the answer would be yes.

* * * *

Now that I’ve answered the question of how to have a water orgasm, I wonder what it would be like to write one using warm shifting sand or perhaps only air. Any suggestions of similar experiences you’ve seen in romance books? Or shall we just try them all out ourselves?