Rachel KenleyI was away this weekend at a writing retreat with my Thursday writing support group (http://essexwriters.com/blog/) and I wrote nearly 9,000 words in three days on a brand new book. It was a great weekend – and a super start to Nanowrimo (http:www.nanowrimo.org)

So what did I forget?

How writing energizes me, changes me, supports me – and makes me unbelievably happy.D'oh!

Just over a year ago my father-in-law broke his hip which started a six month chain of emotional events that included losing both him and my mother-in-law before May of this year.  And while there was lots of wonderful moments and happenings sprinkled into this year, there was a huge emotional toll taken as our lives changed.

And I stopped writing for myself.  I have other writing commitments and assignments along with homeschooling my sons and managing our home.  Writing got lost/left/ignored/abandoned. I squeezed it in, grabbed fleeting time, and suffered through staring at a blank screen – a lot. I worked on older, stale projects that i couldn’t get excited about and made excuses that, looking back, are embarassing.

How foolish of me.

changes aheadSo from now to the end of the year I am working to create a new habit – I am getting up at least an hour (and hopefully two) before I usually do and I will use that time to focus on MY writing.

I have a feeling the rest of my life (and the people in it) will benefit tremendously.

Has this ever happened to you?  What did you forget or stop doing that makes you crazy happy and how can you get it back in your life on a regular basis?