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AAAmy_sigDrat. This was supposed to be my post on October 26th, but I ran off to Michigan and went shopping instead. Whoops. However, I did score some great deals, so I’m not ALL that sorry. 😉

I was going to do a post on what I think is the sexiest monster of all. Dracula.

Holy. Moly. Has anyone watched that new show with John Rhys Meyers (JRM as I shorten his name).

First, I loved him as King Henry VIII in The Tudors.



I love his intensity.

And honestly, when I heard there was going to be a Dracula series I was a bit skeptical. Dracula was going to be the hero. Oh crap. Another sympathetic vampire and with JRM in the roll, dang they’re going to take away that intensity and command that he has with just a look and a slight scoff.

Until I saw the director/producers were a part of The Tudors. I rubbed my hands together in glee. This might be good.

BW Dracula


And I was right. I’m not crazy about JRM’s fake American accent, but Dracula is no sympathetic vampire. He kills. He seduces and he’s out for revenge.

It’s a kind of Steampunk twist. Which is unique.

And there’s no creepy white hair in a bun. Hello? Gary Oldman?

BW Gary


So I’ll stick with JRM to keep the fantasy that Dracula is one of the sexiest monsters to date.

Hell, I would take George Hamilton the Disco vampire from Love at First Bite over Gary Oldman’s white haired bun guy!

Creatures BW


So, what about you? Is there an old Hollywood Monster you think is particularly sexy? Is Wolfman your thing or is it the Creature from the Black Lagoon?