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Curiosity may or may not have killed the cat…but it damn sure get’s me in trouble sometimes! For instance. I was sitting at work during a really boring meeting and trying to dream up today’s post. Of course, its the holiday so I wanted to go with that theme, but needed to keep it sexy. Some how, perhaps it was the mind numbing tedium of the meeting I was in, I thought wouldn’t it be funny to do a post on Christmas themed sex toys!

Well, here we are. My eyeballs could not be bleached enough to erase the horrors recorded in my Google search history. I’m saving just so my husband might stumble on it by accident. Yes, I do have a sadistic streak.

I started with the obvious…


Sweet candy cane

There were quite a few candy cane dildos. This one is clear and red. Probably the tamest of the things I saw. Below is an Eden Fantasies candy cane vibrator that I can’t find currently on the site.


Next I found this nifty little stocking stuffer… well that’s the sites recommendation anyway. But then they also suggest hanging it on the tree!


Candy Cane Vibrator

The next little Candy Cane Treat was an image from a discontinued store (couldn’t find the active site, anyway).


And so I was launched on a fairly horrific search of men’s Christmas themed banana hammocks. First up was the much feared reindeer.


Reindeer Sling

I suppose the upside is it doesn’t have a glowing red nose on the end! Of course, I had to include the much sexier version of this that I found…


Reindeer Thong

I mean honestly, I barely noticed the reindeer on his junk. The abs and thighs are SO lickable! OF course, the horrors are not over. The last hammock I shall share is a real WTF? Ladies…say hello to Santa.


Santa Sling

These last to holiday gems are kind of ridiculous. First up is the cock ring I hope never to see in the bedroom.


Rockin’ Reindeer

I think the “Beasty Toys” thing is more disconcerting than the cock ring with antlers. LOL! And last, but certainly not least… *cough cough* The Tuggie!

I’m kind of at a loss for words with this one. It speaks for itself (thank goodness I don’t mean literally!)


The X-Mas Tuggie

 So with that, I hope you have lots of holiday fun with your honey and if you buy one of these, well that may be best kept between you and your significant other! Happy Holidays!