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Eva2Hi all,

Well here in the states it’s just two days away from Christmas day and instead of turkey or ham I have tentacles on the brain. And werewolves. But let’s tackle the tentacles first.

When two friends of mine and I wrote an anthology we were pretty much tentacle virgins. I mean, we had NO IDEA how much full-on raunchy tentacle sex was out there! I mean if you happen to look on Amazon you’ll be amazed out of your skull at what you see.

Here’s a few examples:

fucking tentacle man

This looks like a tentacle is sneaking up on her sleep. I wonder if there’s a tub nearby to keep it …. er… moist.

tentcles trilogy

And this looks like gay tentacle sex – in the woods. I wasn’t aware that octopi were forest dwellers….

kitty velvet

This one sounds like a Harlequin Presents meets SeaWorld!

While our little book did have some smex in it, full-on tentacle penetration was not what our book was about. But now that we KNOW what’s out there it’s time for Volume II. And all I can see in my mind is a man sitting at a table wearing a while tee-shirt drinking a beer. When he brings his arm up and puts it on the table, it’s a tentacle from the elbow down.

So, in my mind I’m thinking, “is that a tentacle in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”


I don’t have any tentacle sex for you today tho. Sorry! And you’ll notice I didn’t include the linky poos for the above works. I figured if you were interested you would seek them out pronto. But I do have Martian sex coming out SOON! It goes something like this:

Panting, he opened his eyes and looked. His swollen shaft hadn’t gone down one bit, and the long white line tracing an arc over his belly proved he’d more than shot his entire cache. Fear tingled up his spine. Fear something wasn’t right, because he needed, wanted to come again. Now.

He moved his hips and another orgasm threatened. Gripping the sheets harder, he squeezed the base of his shaft, trying to suppress the oncoming rush. But his cock twitched at the tightness, seeming to enlarge even more. “Fragging help me!” He clenched his jaw and gave in to the need to pump his fist. The orgasm speeding up through him cracked him open wide and he spread his legs, allowing his contracting balls more space. When the full force of the ejaculation hit him, his body seized.

Pleasure surged from his balls in a massive wave that tore through him, robbing him of his own identity, leaving him utterly senseless. He gave in to the rush, hung onto the bed and screamed.

More later,