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aaaGillian_SigIt’s that time of year when we all make promises that we’re bound to break in a few weeks’ time. I guess I’m more of an optimist than I thought because I can’t help but make new resolutions every year. Well not exactly new ones—I always make the ubiquitous “exercise more” resolution.

But in addition to my new gym membership, I thought I should take a look at my writerly life and make some resolutions there as well. Because 2014 is gonna be Gillian’s year!

So in 2014 I want to:

-Treat my writing as the business it is. Put in the hours and stop screwing off online. I tend to fall into the whole Twitter/Facebook/online news trap. Not to mention Freecell Solitaire—I’m somewhat of a savant when it comes to Freecell. None of which gets words down on the page. Honestly, if I had a boss I think they would’ve fired me by now.

-Attend my very first writing conference. Which should hopefully be RT in New Orleans. If I’m going to treat my writing as a business, I think it’s time to invest in myself. Plus I can’t wait to “network” at the bars. So excited!

-Finish my BDSM series, the Pleasure Code, so I can finally work on all those plot bunnies that’ve been stalking me.

All of which is achievable. I can so do this.

So what are your resolutions this year? Got any you’re willing to share?