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Well, my bear shifters are coming back!

First, I survived another deadline and got out of it early! Huzzah!

Sorry, I’m just super stoked I managed to make my deadline a week early. I fill a bit shell-shocked too, because I’ve got so wordy in my drafts that it tends to take me a while.

Anyways, bears. I promised you bears.

The third installment of my bear shifter series is coming January 22nd from Ellora’s Cave.

Here’s the cover:



Hot damn! I love it.

And I’m glad Etienne is finally getting his story at long last.

I was talking to another author about the bears and about different kinds of shifters. She said I should write a Moose shifter because their huge with sharp hooves. They do a lot of damage and are scary to drivers.

I said, yeah, but they’re kind of weird-looking. Beautiful, but not exactly sexy. I’d rather write about an elk.

And it got me to thinking about shifters I  work well in erotic romance.

Big Cats




And I have to ask, is there one you’d like to see? Is there an animal I’m missing. I know some writers have done animals with tentacles. I haven’t read any, because I’m too chicken! 😉

I’m not talking dino porn either. I’m talking shifter.

So tell me your animals and I’m just going to stroke my cover for a while longer. *purty cover*