aaasorcha_finalSigIt’s the new year and and find myself in the same rut as I was in last year. Happy New Year.

It’s not that I haven’t set goals, but I seem to be lethargic about meeting them. I still love writing, but I am starting to wonder if I will onlyever write novellas. Perhaps full length romance isn’t something I should’nt trying to write?

Oh crap, is my neurosis showing?

What the hell. Every writer has doubts. Wonders if their good enough. Its the successful ones that are able to get past that and keep writing. I am trying complete this 80k or close to it historical romance, but I”ve gotten to the hard part–the end–and keep setting it aside to do other stuff.

Hey, wrapping up everything to a satisfying end is one of the hardest parts of writing, especially in a full length romance, because you have so much more time to develop more complicated plots. So I suppose I’m angsting unnecessarily, at least for now. I will get past this at some point…I just wish I knew when.