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Eva2I’ve recently discovered that for a dead race, Martians have a very high sex drive. And I do mean HIGH. In fact, they’re on a mission to impregnate every female on Vault 9. This is their Plan B and there’s little to stand in their way. Besides, Captain Fennik has all the equipment he needs to get the job done….

There’s a preview of Fennik’s …uh…suffering in the epilogue of my latest book The Trouble With Memories, out now from Decadent Publishing. In the epilogue, Fennik discovers T’Pron, the Martian inside him – you’ll have to read the book to understand his state of quasi-possession – has somehow affected his penis:

He moved his hips and another orgasm threatened. TheTroubleWithMemories500Gripping the sheets harder, he squeezed the base of his shaft, trying to suppress the oncoming rush. His cock twitched at the tightness, seeming to enlarge even more. “Fragging help me!” He clenched his jaw and gave in to the need to pump his fist. The orgasm speeding up through him cracked him open wide and he spread his legs, allowing his contracting balls more space. When the full force of the ejaculation hit him, his body seized.

Pleasure surged from his balls in a massive wave that tore through him, robbing him of his own identity, leaving him utterly senseless. He gave into the rush, hung onto the bed and screamed. This time, reality ripped apart at the seams and T’Pron came barging through the breach, taking over his body and using it as his own. Again and again T’Pron ordered him to come, until he finally laid exhausted and shivering on the bed. The realization he’d succumbed to the alien threat left him disheartened and ashamed. Worse, he knew this was only the first of many more times he’d fall prey in the future. He wanted to beg or plead with T’Pron but it was all he could do to stay sane. Teeth chattering, he crawled through the darkness to the shore of his consciousness and came back to his own reality. Profound relief washed over him. He was safe.

He glanced down at his cock and froze.

His cum had a greenish hue. “Fragging hell!”

Plan B. Find female. Impregnate. Hurry.

—- As you can see, Fennik really has his … uh… hands full. But in book 1, we meet Lucy and Cal and hear about their story of entanglement with the Martian race, made possible by a crazy military scientist.

Sigh. Aren’t all the best space stories like that?

Until next time, stay green!