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Eva2Okay, here’s the thing. For a lot of people, MM romance is considered erotica. It’s got a kind of taboo to it. Even for some gay men, I’m sure, if they’re not in full acceptance of their gay-ness so to speak. So writing MM Romance almost always has erotica elements to it. Even if there’s no tentacles!

I see a lot of tentacle sex out there and I’ve heard the MM tentacle sex sells well! I, however, have not yet gone down that road. Notice I said yet. LOL

There’s also a lot of MF tentacle sex too, and this alien needs to screw stories. Maybe they need to reproduce. Maybe they need Captain Kirk’s sperm in order to repopulate the race. Who knows? But, that’s not the story I wrote.

Yet! LOL (couldn’t resist)

LoverEnslaved200The story I did write has two men meeting in Mumbai, India where the curry is hot and the sex is hotter. With all that humidity it would have to be! Like having sex in a sultry attic in the middle of summer. Sweat-ville!  And I know that not everybody who reads this blog reads MM romance, so I won’t insert Tab A into Tab B here, but know that you can get it today off Amazon if you’d like right here: http://amzn.to/1n2eeJk 

And now, I’m going to go write some alien tentacle sex that will confuse the heck out of everybody. I gotta tell you, as a Biology major back at the CC, I’m pretty sure I learned octopi were rather shy creatures. I mean, they don’t just come up to you in the water and feel you up! No. You’ve got to go slow with these types. Candy (or brine shrimp), flowers (or seaweed), and no sex on the first date. Regardless of how bad you want it – just wait! If you scare them off you’ll get a face full of ink and you won’t like the results on your hair color.

More later,