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Guest SigIs it porn…or is it erotica? Or both?

It’s been said that porn is “whatever got the judges hard.”  So it’s in the eye of the beholder…or rather in the loins of the spectator.  But can one person’s porn be another person’s erotica?  Is it only porn if you watch it alone?  And erotica if you watch it with a significant other, so both of you get turned on and can act out the hotter scenes?

Others say that porn is the preferred choice for men, since they are more visual creatures, while women prefer written erotica, since they want some actual story with their sex.  Men just want to watch tab A being inserted repeatedly into slot B (and C and D, etc.), while women want to know the personalities of the people who own the tabs and the slots, so we can enjoy the triumph of their coming together (pun intended).

What do you think?  Is porn for men and erotica for women/couples?

Or can porn be shared also? And is erotica only for women? Can it be called porn if it’s written in a book? And erotica on film?

In my most recent series of books, I try to combine porn and erotica.  In For The Love Of His Life, an action movie star is used to mindless sex with multiple groupies, fueled by his drug and alcohol addictions.  He’s never taken the time to look inside to learn if he has any real depth…he fears he’s empty and doesn’t want to see it. He’s forced out of his element when a director sends him up to stay at a family-owned resort in northern Minnesota, to keep him from getting arrested again/killing himself before they can make a movie together. The director’s cousin, a tall, athletic blonde woman, is expected to teach the spoiled brat how to fish, hike, canoe, and appear as if he is at home in the outdoors.  There are two porn scenes in the book, both involving Raul’s Hollywood persona.  Then there are the erotic scenes, once he falls in love for the first time ever.  But can Veronica ever believe a man who “lies for a living”?

The second book in the series, Only One Man Will Do, has a whole lot more graphic sex in it because the heroine is a businesswoman during the week and a biker queen in her spare time. She doesn’t believe in monogamy, and indulges herself with all of the men in her gang, while making sure they don’t get any ideas about having her to themselves.  Then she meets a man who won’t share.  When a couple of her bikers get killed, she has to wonder if she’s fallen in love for the first time ever… with a murderer.

I don’t set out to write books with more or less sex in them.  I let the characters “tell” me how much action is involved in their courtship.  But they always fall in love because of their great sexual connection. And there’s a HEA.

Only One Man Will Do_150dpi_eBook

Only One Man Will Do

The sequel to For The Love Of His Life.She’s never been satisfied with just one man. He’s not willing to share. How far is he willing to go to keep her to himself?

Tough-as-nails businesswoman by day, Alexandra is a biker queen by night. When a large Russian man inserts himself into her life, she follows her instincts to some explosive sex. He’s not willing to share her with her gang, and she’s not willing to give up other men. When two of her bikers are killed, Dmitri is the main suspect. How far is he willing to go to keep her to himself? And has she really fallen in love for the first time ever…with a murderer?

Excerpt from Only One Man Will Do:

Set-up: After having spent a weekend together that involved lots of imaginative, mind-blowingly hot sex, Alexandra told Dmitri she will only see him on weekends.

     Dmitri didn’t hear his phone ringing over the noise of the jukebox and the yelling of the patrons, but he felt it vibrating in his pocket.  He looked closely at it and saw that it was after eleven, and that the fiery redhead was calling him.  He smiled as he answered.


“Hello Dmitri,” she purred, “Miss me?”

“I’m hard already just hearing your voice…so yeah.”

“And I’ve got my fingers in my pussy because I’m…hey!  Why do I hear so much noise?  Are you partying without me?”

“No, I…”

“Bullshit!  I hear music and yelling and stuff.  Where the hell are you?”

“I’m working.”


“That bar you took me to on Saturday?  I stopped here for a drink yesterday and they needed a weeknight bouncer.  I got hired on the spot.  Tonight’s the billiards contest.  Last night was darts.  Tomorrow night’s the wet tee-shirt contest with karaoke.”

“Wet tee shirt, huh?  Think I could win?”

“Honey, if you put on a white tee shirt with no bra I’d be fired for punching out all of the men who grabbed at your tits…or I’d be fired for fucking you on the pool table.”

Alexandra was silent for so long that Dmitri asked, “You still there?”

He heard her moan and smiled.

“You just made yourself come, didn’t you?”

“No, you made me come.  I’m tempted to head down there right now in a white tee shirt just to see what happens.”

“Don’t.  So why’d you call?  I thought we were gonna stick to weekends only.”

“Yeah, I know I told you that’s my rule.  I don’t combine my biker self with my businesswoman self.  But I can’t stop thinking about you.  My pussy has finally stopped aching from the pounding you gave me, but now I want some more.”

Some guys walked in and Dmitri had to say, “Wait a minute, honey,” while he collected their money and stamped the backs of their hands.  Once he had put the money into the lockbox he asked, “So what do you want from me?”

“Come over tonight.”

“I’m not done until after one.”

“I don’t care.  I’ll wait up.”

“Does that make this a booty call?”

“Yeah, but I’m the one who’s calling, so you’re the one supplying the booty.”

“Whatever you say, babe.”

“So are you coming or not?”

“Not yet.  But I will be as soon as I can get there.”

“I’d leave the door open but I know I don’t have to.  You just let yourself in and I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Keep it juicy until I get there.”

“Bastard!  I will.”

He hung up and smiled at the phone.

How the hell am I going to convince such a horny woman that the only man she needs is me? 


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