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Eva2Howdy all.

So far I’ve written about sex in the woods, sex in hot places, and sex on the beach. In my latest submission, I include them all!

This is a short story I’ve written for Secret Cravings Publishing’s Weekend Getaways line. If you haven’t checked them out yet, most are .99 and promise quick, hot reads!

My submission in a BBW, contemporary romance that starts in Neah Bay, Washington and ends up in Hawaii. This story features a passionate re-boot for a married couple and really, who could argue with that?

Here’s a snippet of sex in the woods, which is first on the menu. Can you say au natural is best?

couple BW

Using his fingers and his tongue, Paul wrung pleasure from her quivering body until her legs trembled. When her orgasm had finished, he traced a finger up and down her wet slit, murmuring approval. He raised his head and when she caught sight of his face wet with their mingled juices a tremor wracked her, and she nearly came again. Paul grinned like a happy fox. She didn’t need to see his cock to know it had re-hardened and would soon be back inside her where she needed it most.

He continued to play with her slit, dipping his fingers in and out, and then traveling up to tease her clit. As she writhed beneath him, he watched her with dark hooded eyes. “Get on your hands and knees. I want to take you from behind.”

Oh God. Her womb rippled with pleasure. She loved that position and Paul did too. It always drove him deeper inside her than any other, giving her the most intense orgasms. Without hesitation she did as he asked, pushing her big butt up into the air.

“Yes, baby.” He stroked and licked her exposed pussy until her toes curled and her fingers clenched the blanket so hard she feared she’d rip it. “Come on. Come for me.”

When she didn’t immediately comply, he slapped her left ass cheek. Then he gently bit it as he continued to stroke her moist flesh. He then slapped the right cheek, and bit it, too.

Her pussy clenched around his fingers, wishing it was his cock.

“Come for me, and I’ll fuck you hard and fast, just like you want it.” He slapped again.

This time, she roared into orgasm, her desire for his cock inside her swelling her channel in anticipation. To her surprise, Paul immediately removed his fingers and drove his cock into her vibrating core.

— The very last place they make love is in the water. Have you ever had sex underwater – like, ocean water rather then a hot tub? If you have, how did you like it? Was it too much work or just plain fun? 🙂

More later,