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Guest SigHide & Seek

It’s time to play. It’s time for our own private game; in your personal domain.

Hunt me down, punish me and use me as you will. I will run and I can hide, but we both know that I’ll surrender to your every desire. Let there be no doubt; I choose to surrender to you. These are the hours that I live for; the hours that I long for. Belonging to you is what makes sense to me. So let’s play, sir. Chase me, thrill me, and possess me. The game is on.

Hide & Seek is the first story in the Kink Between Us series.

Hide & SeekExcerpt:

“You gently lift my chin with one finger and stare deep into my eyes. Automatically I drop my gaze to avoid eye contact with you, but not before I see the debauchery loaded in your expression.
“Whose slut are you?” you ask, “and you have permission to look at me whilst you reply.”
I glance up at you quickly and take a moment to absorb your beautiful face before you deprive me of it again.
“I am your slut, Master – only yours.”
Your eyes burn into mine and you too pause to relish your utter possession of me.” 

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Author bio:
Writer of unadulterated, scorching stories soaked with BDSM, spanking, humiliation and ménage. I aim to write unapologetic and intense sex which will make angels weep and the devil blush…
Author of *Tales of Sexual Surrender*, *Friday’s Lesson*, *Customer Service*, *The Abduction* and *Disciplinary Action*.

My latest sizzling story *Hide & Seek* is the first in a new mini-series of BDSM tales *The Kink between us*.

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