sssdaisy2_finalThis, my first blog post with Silken Sheets and Seduction is a big thrill and has come at a very exciting time for me, so I want to share with you the things that have happened recently.

 Valentine Wishes, a sensual fairy romance, my latest book with Liquid Silver Books is available and has some lovely reviews. Not only that, but all my Lyrical Press stories are now again available. They have been off the market for a little while due to Kensington Publications taking Lyrical Press as one of its imprints. I have also recently contracted a story with Taliesin Publishing and am looking forward to A Perfect Match coming out later this year.

You can find out about my books on the books page at my blog, here

I like to keep the blog busy and love having guests so if anyone would like a guest slot, please let me know.

A little information about me. I write because I love writing and sharing the stories in my head. I live with my husband in a converted chapel in Shropshire, England. Thus far, we have found no ghosts.

 When I am not writing I sometimes go to antiques auctions. I enjoy antiques and they have found their way into my stories in one or two places. My other passion is travel and I will be visiting Wales again soon. I’m also hoping this year will be the year I get to go to visit Paris as I want to do some research for a story.

I’m very happy to join this community of writers and know I am going to learn a lot from you. I’ve added my links below so you can find me on the web, and because not all of you know me and how I write I’ve added a tiny snippet from my Lyrical Press published story Timeless.



Breathless, Magnus opened his eyes. Tremors still raced over his skin. The need for her had only just been fulfilled and she’d gone much too soon. The heady scent of her pleasure still clung to him. He’d have tasted, taken longer to savor each exquisite second, if he’d realized how incredible she could be. A moment of wonder took him. Had he controlled the dream? If he had, he’d have caught her sooner, spared himself the exertion of the run across the sands, not bothered with the sweetness of her kisses. No, like a fool he’d have had her as soon as he reached her. She’d taken over. That’s why she’d gone so soon. She’d commanded it all, from their first glance.


He licked his lips slowly to try to recall the taste of hers, lifted his hands under the sheet in an effort to recapture the heavy warmth of her breasts cradled in his palms. The luscious sweetness of her as he’d plunged deep inside her could never be replicated. Her honeyed wetness tormented him. Hunger to take her in what might pass as reality ripped through him. Not since Julia had he known such a passion. Dreams weren’t enough. He wanted her here, needed to see her eyes filled with stars before they closed in pleasure, yearned to hear the breathy cries of abandonment she made in response to his rhythmic thrusts.

He threw the crumpled sheet back, rose and padded over to the window. “What have you done, my wanton Miss Armstrong? What have you done to us both?”






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