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aaasorcha_finalSigThis month I’ll be teaching an online workshop for RWA San Diego. It’s all about writing hot. So, whether you are trying to figure out how to write erotic romance or maybe just want to spice up your love scenes a bit, come check out my online workshop. It starts March 17th, so there is plenty of time to sign-up still.


Have you ever read your sex scenes and thought, eh? Do you pick up other author’s books and wish you could write those scorching hot love scenes? Maybe you just want to turn up the sexual heat a notch or two in your own writing? Then this is the class for you.

In Pumping Up The Sexual Volume we are going to talk about how to develop a sex scene step by step, give you some tools to accomplish just that, and then give you a chance to try it all out in a safe place where feedback will be provided.

Once this class is done you should be able to write sizzling hot love scenes that include:

  • Simmering sexy kisses
  • Ovation worthy oral sex
  • Mind boggling intercourse

And it will all be done with purpose. This class is intended to be writing intensive, so get your fingers warmed up and your muses ready and raring to go!

CAUTION: This course is about sex. I will use graphic language and we may discuss sexual acts that you personally are uncomfortable with. Everyone has their comfort zone. I will do my best to keep the discussion on topic and pertinent to the class, but if you write inspirational or sweet romances—this is probably not the class for you. Consider yourself warned.

Date: March 17th – April 4th
Cost: $30.00 (RWA-SD members) / $35.00 (non RWA-SD members)

Get more info here or sign up to take the class.