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It’s my first post as part of the Silken Sheets & Seduction team. Yay!

First, a brief introduction and then on with the show. I write erotic paranormal romance. There. See, I meant it when I said brief. If you want to know more, check out my bio. Oh and don’t forget to enter the giveaway. Details at the end of the post.

Let’s talk about butt love today.

Yes, I said BUTT LOVE.

Or if you prefer… Bone smuggling, Driving the Hershey Highway, Plowing the Back Field, Gardening Uphill, Riding the Chocolate Whizway, Goin’ Down to Brown Town  ◔◡◉ *giggle, giggle, snort, snort*  ◔◡◉

Er…uh…excuse me. Moving on…buttlove

Anyway, when I started writing erotic romance, I swore I’d never write anal sex (see I can use the proper term for it) into any of my stories. Why? Well, because it’s really not sexy to me. Sure there are TONS of people who dig it, live it, love it, dooo iiiittt, but my brain says, “No freaking way dude. You’re lookin’ at the wrong girl.”

So, when the characters in my third book, Fin’s Fantasy, demanded that I let them do the Backdoor Boogie (sorry, can’t help myself), I was distressed. Very, very distressed. How was I supposed to write something I didn’t find sexy? I tried to write the scene without it but they refused to cooperate. Refused, I tell you!

Then I realized, “Hey, you write fiction. Make it sexy. You can do it.” Plus, that scene was more about the emotion than the act itself. So, to please the characters, I gave it a whirl, let them have their way and ya know what, it wasn’t so bad. I mean it wasn’t so bad for me. For the characters, it was frickin’ fantastic.

I have no plans to write any more of those scenes in the future but, of course, that depends on the characters, their situation and their demands. I never know what they’re going to make me do but I look forward to finding out with each story.

jocelyndex_finsfantasy_coverFin’s Fantasy, Book 3 of Sempire Seductions – Blurb

Navine is suffering Incubus addiction–a death sentence for any Sempire. When the search for a cure turns up only one rumor, Navine is horrified to learn the mutant Fin might be her only chance to live. Fearing the taint of the mutant more than fearing death, she continues to push him away as she tries to deny how his touch inflames her desire.

Fin was captivated by Navine the first moment their gazes locked but when she realized what he was–a male Sempire, a mutant, an abomination to the species–she’d rejected him. Burning with the need to touch her, taste her, he’ll do almost anything to save her even though she belittles him at every turn.

With time running out, passion must overcome prejudice to save Navine’s life and to grant Fin’s fantasy. 

Where you can buy Fin’s Fantasy: Ellora’s Cave  * Amazon * Barnes &  Noble


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Do you think the Backdoor Boogie is sexy (either in real life or in books)?

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