I didn’t want my second post with you to seem like it’s all promo, though with A Perfect Match, my new story coming out with Taliesin Publishing this summer and all three of my Lyrical Press titles now released through the new Kensington imprint, I do want to tell you about them too. But I thought I’d share a little something with you as well. There might even be a story of sorts in this little tale

Recently, while out for dinner with some friends I visited the ladies loo, and on the floor inside the stall I discovered a key. A small key and one whose purpose I pondered.

The key looked like it came from a padlock, a smallish padlock, the kind very useful for locking up all manner of precious things. Some of you will perhaps know the sort I mean.

Well, I picked the key up from where it had been dropped and I wondered as I washed my hands, who had been careless enough to drop it? I did also wonder, should I hand the key in to staff at the restaurant, but if I did, how would I explain why I thought it might be important? I also wondered if the person who dropped it had a spare. Of course, they’d have a spare. Everyone who locks things up makes sure they have a spare key, don’t they? My mind burbled on, what if they didn’t have a spare?

A new story line formed of the strangest night’s work a locksmith may ever have done. Hmm.

What if the dropped key hadn’t been left accidently at all, but was purposefully abandoned. So many ideas raced in my head.

After a few more moments thought as I combed my hair, I decided the best thing to do was to leave the key on the shelf by the mirrors. That way if some desperate girl came back looking for her key she might find it.

Of course, I could have been wrong in my assumptions and the key might have been for something else, and I might just have an overactive imagination.

In my story Fiona’s Wish, Fiona, at Ronan’s prompting, locks away his pelt. This Selkie, who captures her heart is everything. Nothing else matters.  

Their love, an answer to Fiona’s bitter sorrow and Ronan’s gift of himself to his woman in need, is a sun-dazzled race of passion.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find Fiona’s Wish as part of the hot list Lyrical advertised this week. I’ve added a little snippet here for you. There’s a buy link in the cover.



New cover for Fiona's Wish

More bewitching than the most perfect tropical reef, she gave him a teasing smile. “Already?”

He nodded, taking a deep breath. “Let me love you?” he asked, and couldn’t believe it when she shook her head. His need for her rivaled the most ravenous orca hunting in the northern seas. “I want you,” he mouthed against the well of her ear.

He swallowed hard because, skin to skin, she slid along him, pressing kisses on his throat, his chest, nipping at one of his nipples until he groaned. “What, my woman, are you doing?” he managed, and tore in another rasped breath as she smoothed more kisses down his belly, making him shiver.

“Loving you.” She stroked along the throbbing swell he ached to give her. “Let me love you, Ronan?”