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I’m always torn between my two favorite fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast.

I love them both, but I think Beauty & the Beast tops Sleeping Beauty and that’s because I’m a sucker for the beast character.

I always have been. Something about the dark, twisty and scarred Alpha character.

I was sick this week with the flu and even though I’m on deadline, I couldn’t write. I turned on Netflix and saw that Once Upon a Time is on there.

I thought, why not?

Big mistake, because I’m now hooked. No pun to James Killion. 😉

And what did they have? One of my favorite characters as Rumplestiltskin. Not that I’ve been a fan of that fairy tale, but when they twisted him to become the Beast and give him Belle.

Oh. My. GOD.



Yeah, well now I’m snared in there. I actually get annoyed with the episodes which don’t feature these two, but I won’t skip over the other ones. I guess. *kicks can*

Rumplestiltskin is dark, twisty and has so many layers and I love complicated characters.

Sure Prince Charming is gorgeous and The Huntsman is played by the yummy Jaime Dornan, but there’s something different about Rumple & Belle. Longing.

And he’s played by a fantastic actor Robert Carlyle whom I’ve admired since his Full Monty days.

I just love the Beast character. Is there a type of hero or anti hero you like?