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Alive – Pearl Jam

If you write science fiction, or historicals, or even blood-filled thrillers, everyone assumes you’ve used your imagination to flesh them out. If you write sexy romances however, the assumption is that you’ve, ah, road-tested all the details. Newsflash. We make most of it up. For instance, while I adore thunderstorms, and love watching the lightning, I’ve never had sex outside during a storm. I guess not many of us have.

In my latest release Crash Into Love, my characters do just that. How many people will wonder if I’ve written it from experience? 🙂

So go on, which fantasy scenario would you like to read? If you could request a sex scene, what would be in it?

If you’re wondering, Alive is another Pearl Jam track that made it to my listen-while-I-write Playlist.

 I, I’m still alive

Hey I, but, I’m still alive



He shunted up the bed and leaned on the pillows, half-upright, one hand wrapped around his cock. Sprawled there, all rippling muscles and bronzed skin, he could have dropped out of a Playgirl centerfold. Jonah Marsh, Playmate of the month. And all mine for tonight.

15326279_sLicking my lips, I felt greedy at the sight of him. I straddled him with care and kneeled above his straining cock, brushing against the tip as I moved into position. He jerked, and I heard his breath catch. “Now,” he whispered. I may have been on top, but he was calling the shots, and I was fine with that. Mentally thanking my yoga instructor, I flexed my thighs and pushed down, taking him inside, one slow inch at a time. Jesus, he was big, and it had been a while. Take it slow, muttered my self-conscious. Jonah’s eyes were half-closed, his mouth slightly open, and I watched the growing smile that spread across his face. I guess it matched mine. He filled me completely and wasn’t all in yet. I sucked in a quick breath and forced my muscles to relax. Pleasure radiated out in pulses, each movement uncovering a new source of delight, a new excitement.

I eased down farther, nearly there, and had to pause for another breath. “You okay, baby?” He lifted a hand and cupped my cheek, drawing me toward him for his lips to take possession again. Heat surged, and I pushed down onto the final inch, hissing as I did so. Jonah slid his hand to the back of my neck and slanted into the kiss, taking it slow. I couldn’t move just yet, and he seemed to recognize this. While I untangled my muscles and relaxed into him, he made sweet love to my mouth, sucking on my lips, a tiny nip here, a lick there. Seducing me with his tongue. A noise jarred in the background, and I listened for a second. Rain hammered the tin roof and beat against the windows. The energy of the storm outside was mirrored in my bed but leashed at the moment. I had no doubt that Jonah was every bit as powerful, and the idea made me squirm. So much to look forward to.

It was time. I curled my hands over his shoulders and then slid upward, agonizingly slowly, and pushed back down. Again. Each slide gentle, finding my way, learning his body. All the while, he kissed me, touched me, set new fires burning with his clever fingers. His hands roamed across my skin, caressed my breasts, stroked my butt, and danced up and down my spine. He was everywhere.

Our tempo increased. I set the pace, but Jonah began to take part now, his hips lifting each time we came together. The sounds of the rain were drowned out by flesh hitting flesh, the noises of our lovemaking. If I’d thought my earlier orgasm to be a defining moment, I knew that had just been the appetizer. Would I survive another? His thrusts were harder, plunging deeper, pushing me closer to another climax. Every part of my skin tingled as though it had shrunk in the rain. Everywhere he touched me felt electrified. I’d thought him to be summer in human form, but he was more a god of lightning.

“Help me,” I whispered, and he dropped his hands to my butt. I nodded. Dragging in a fractured breath, I swept the fallen hair from my face and leaned into him, claiming his lips again. “I’m ready.” I was right; unleashed, Jonah came to life. Strong hands held me firm, lifting and dropping while he pumped a new rhythm, bumping my clit on every stroke. Every bump made me whimper, pleasure redefined. Sensations I couldn’t have imagined all burst to life, and Jonah was merciless. I writhed above him, chanting his name as he drove me to the edge, my climax a breath away. I panted, every muscle quivering, my pussy weeping and slick.

Jonah was in control. He moved to span one hand across my belly, his fingers reaching down. He brushed my clit on a down stroke, and I cried out, my fingers digging into his shoulders. So close. “Come for me.” He rubbed again, and it was enough. The touch sent me spiraling into free fall, gasping and crying his name as the orgasm tore through me. “Christ,” he groaned, “so good.” One hard thrust from him, and then I felt him shudder, his cock jerking inside me, almost enough to set me off again.

I sagged forward, my legs aching, and rested my forehead against his. I touched his chest again. Yep, our hearts raced together. Sex had a new name. Jonah.



CiL_500Cass thought spending a month at a beachside hideaway relaxing and collecting shells would be the perfect escape to finish her novel. When she meets the dark and brooding and much younger Jonah, who’s staying next door, her book becomes the last thing on her mind.

Jonah would rather stay home alone than go on vacation with his brother and their friends, but does his best to tolerate the situation after being convinced to go. But when he sees the beauty next door, he can’t avoid his attraction.

Together, they break all the rules, but will Cass be able to bring Jonah out of his shell forever, or will he leave her with only the crash of the surf to keep her company?

Jonah Marsh


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