sssEmilyWasn’t Eva’s new cover gorgeous? (If you missed it, check in here before you go.) I’m excited to follow her lead with a cover reveal of my own today. But first, let’s talk about the juicy bits.

The sex scenes.

I’m doing a final-final read-out-loud pass on a book that’s going to go live a little later this week (the wonderous speed of indie publishing) and I’m reading all those juicy bits out loud to myself.

Not gonna lie – it’s a little awkward. “Her pulsing core” looks very different than it sounds and my speaking voice is very different from the crooning, sultry voice speaking all those juicy words (like, ahem, juicy) to my fingers. I’ve started reading to myself in my phone sex voice – what? you don’t have a phone sex voice? I don’t believe it – and that has certainly made the experience a lot more interesting. But I think vocal expressions of desire and pleasure are interesting anyway, even without my funny, self-conscious voices.

Grunts. Groans.

Whimpers. Whines.

Ooohs. Ahhs.

And let’s not forget the Oh, God’s (who could forget those?).

So I’m doing this read-aloud, gasping the “ahhh!”s and the “Oh, God’s” and I’m wondering, do you like your juicy scenes sprinkled liberally with dialogue or do you prefer the gasping, silent scenes?

Tell me in comments and you might win a digital copy of my upcoming erotic romance Keeping Savannah – cover for which you’re seeing here in an exclusive, one-blog-only cover reveal. Yum, right?