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Two weeks ago was my release date for my latest BDSM novel UP IN KNOTS and on one of my blog stops I talked about public displays of affection and asked the question: is there any place you wouldn’t feel comfortable getting down and dirty? There were some great answers and I thought I’d share a few of my own here.

5. Church. I can’t think of two things that don’t go together more. Plus they’re usually super quiet places and the noises would be very obvious. Unlike a porno, I wouldn’t want to get caught mid coitus. I really doubt it would end the same way in real life. And the entry in the local paper’s police blotter would follow you around forever.

Couple in bed4. IKEA. We’ve all had the thought while walking through any furniture store. I mean the beds are right there and look so comfortable. But no matter how secluded your corner of the store might seem, you guys are never alone: security cameras, trolling sales people and unattended children are waiting just around the corner.

3. Ocean. Or any body of water. Most men would be totally for it—sex and the great outdoors, what’s not to love? Um…dirty, sandy water and vaginas do not make for a happy mix. Not to mention what water does for our natural lubrication. Ouch!

2. Airplane bathroom. I’ve never been tempted to even try it. You’re inches from what smells like an outdoor latrine not to mention the lack of space. I’d think you’d have to both be super small for it to even work. And that’s assuming you’d get past the eagle eyed flight attendants without raising an eyebrow 😉

1. A snow bank. Cold + wet bits do not mix. Don’t get me wrong some sensation play is fun. But no, just no.

So what place did I miss? Is there somewhere you’d never be tempted to get down and dirty?