For my post with you today, I decided I’d post a snippet from the special project I’m working on. It’s a tale of magic and loving, elven style. The inspiration for this came from one of the images on my Pinterest board. I fell for this elf in a big way.
One of the things I’m working on in my writing is to try to get the sensuality right. I love the sensual aspects of first look, first touch, first kiss and first sexual encounter. This project is helping me develop that area of my writing.
I’m really excited about this short story. I hope you enjoy this little taster.
I’ll be posting another snippet from it on one of my Tuesday Treat blogs. I’d love some guest posters from the group to join me too. Do contact me on the loop if you’d like to contribute to Tuesday Treats at my blog. I’ve put the links at the bottom of the snippet.

“Do you see anything inside the casket?” He reached across and took her fingers in his, rubbed over her thumb knuckle so she longed for him to stroke more of her.
She stared into the box. Heat rose in a scorching flash to her face. Her body thundered with a hundred responses and her clit throbbed in a vicious rhythm robbing her of speech.
“Tell me, fair angel, what do you see?”
“I…” She shook her head, full of fear to say what she saw. “I…”
The tiny figures, reflected in the crimson lacquered interior of the box, rolled together on a massive four-poster bed with shimmering gray sheets. Strands of his long copper hair draped about her body and she clung tight in his embrace. The minute image of her gave high-pitched, kittenish mewls and her hips moved with a hypnotic rhythm as she answered his thrusts.
He gripped her hand tight. “You must tell me. It is so important. What do you see?”
She looked up and found agony on his face. “I see … you. Me … and you … in a bed.”
His smile spread wider than she’d seen it yet.
She glanced to the box again, closed her eyes, for her body blazed to make it so, and she sucked in a deep breath. “We’re good together.”
“Thank you.” He closed the lid of the box. “No one else has ever seen what you have.”
She gulped. “You mean I will be your first?”

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