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5 Silken Sheets


I have a weakness for military heroes in romantic fiction, especially the ones who are struggling back in civilian life. When I heard that Diane Saxon had written a romance starring an ex-Special Forces hero – brutally scarred in action – and emotionally scarred on the inside… I HAD to read it. I pleaded with her for an ARC to review, and she kindly responded 🙂


Flynn’s scars are not just skin deep. Will Liberty’s damaged soul overcome her fear of rejection in order to save him?

21843847 coverSeverely scarred during a disastrous mission, ex special forces operative Flynn Swann is home after three years of avoidance. By his own admission, he’s no good with women and the last thing he expects or wants is the attention of a curvy little brunette, who’s just passing through.

With apparently no fear or revulsion of his scarred face, the boisterous woman bounds into his life and destroys all hope of a quiet visit. It is obvious to literally everyone that she wants him—all of him.

Worse still, despite her atrocious taste in fashion and Stetsons, she appears to have won the hearts of the entire town. Scientist Liberty Sophia Glennon is on a mission to find a man before she has to return to the loneliness of the New Zealand outback where she has already spent eighteen lonely months doing research.

A ticking hormone bomb, Liberty feels time is running away with her. Outwardly she is a bouncing ball of over-confidence, but inside she is still a frightened little girl with horrific memories of her childhood and a desperate need to be liked.

Completely unfazed by his external scars, her seduction of Flynn is not so difficult, but follow-through proves painful as Liberty realises Flynn’s wounds run further than just skin deep.

With apparently nothing in common but their passionate attraction, how will these two damaged souls deal with each other’s fear of rejection?



I gobbled it up. This is a book that had me snuffling and trying to wipe away my tears, while I was on a crowded commuter train. It was that good. I stayed up late last night reading, and when facing a choice today of grocery shopping or finishing the book… no contest. Pffft. The supermarkets are open again tomorrow.

So what grabbed me?

4627529_sFlynn is the hero. Gorgeous and arrogant in his youth, he could have any woman he liked, and he was engaged to the most beautiful, with a sparkling future awaiting him. Coming back from the battlegound, complete with vicious and brutal scarring on his once handsome face, he’s changed. He lurks in the shadows. He watches everyone else living, while he survives. His fiancée hightailed it out of his life as soon as she saw the damage and he believes he is repulsive.

 He hated goddamned crowds, didn’t like hanging around people, except sometimes he thought he needed the company. Then when he had company, he wanted to be alone.

Enter Liberty, a bouncy, curvaceous brunette with a lust for life and a need to be around people. She’s a super-clever scientist who’s just returned from 18-months of near solitary study in New Zealand, and she intends to grab life and enjoy every minute before she returns to her lonely lifestyle.

 6067776_sHis heart lurched painfully in his chest. Jesus Christ, he didn’t need this. He didn’t want people to see his weakness, and right now, this nosy little woman made him feel exposed. She stared at him as though she had just  placed him under a microscope and was trying to decipher whether or not she had discovered something of interest.

Of course, she isn’t quite so straightforward, and her scars are buried pretty deep. She feels a kindred spirit in Flynn, and is attracted to him from the start, even when he behaves like a jerk. And that he does in spades. I came close to yelling at him a couple of times with the way he behaved, but because Ms Saxon had also given us his point of view, I understood, and was willing to cut him a little slack. He pushed my limits though, but even as I wanted to slap him, I desperately wanted to hold him, and kiss him better.

The perfect woman with the perfect body had just turned out to be even more perfect and she scared the shit out of him. He should run. 

15511774_sAh yes, the kissing thing. You see, Flynn doesn’t kiss. Not any more. He’ll make love to Liberty, but he can’t stand anything to touch his face, and she finds that difficult. I would too. Not only that, but he won’t sleep with her. She has a lot to contend with.

“I thought you of all people would have seen past the breasts to the person beyond. I thought you had, and yet in all the time you kept quiet, you were judging me, just like all the rest. I never tried to fool you, but you never looked any further than skin deep.”

There is a solid supporting cast of characters who’ve appeared in Ms Saxon’s earlier books (which I now want to go back and read), and they build together to a fast moving, sexy and heartwarming story.

She’d fallen for a beautiful face and a damaged soul and more of a fool of herself than she had in years.

If you like your heroes damaged, look no further. It takes a special woman to love a damaged man, and you’ll have to read it for yourself to see if Liberty has got what it takes.



5 silken sheets


4 sexy lips


Warnings: Keep the tissues handy!!


Published April 2014, by Taliesin Publishing,$3.99


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