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Hi everyone.

Happy Friday!

Let’s talk about annoying manuscripts today.

A few days ago, my aggravation level hit an all-time high (in respect to writing). I received my very first rejection on a manuscript and at first I thought, “Oh well. It just didn’t work for that particular editor. No big deal because this story is awesome. I’ll just submit it somewhere else.”

Well, I decided I’d give it one more read through before shooting it off to another publisher. Guess what. IT SUCKED. Sucked balls and not in a good way.

I was shocked by my suckness–didn’t understand it. I went through a range of emotions–frustration, embarrassment, hopelessness, despair. I seriously considered printing the pages just so I could set fire to them and watch the crap burn. (Yeah, I can get a little dramatic some times.)burnmanuscript

After a day of that, I calmed down, took a few hours to read through it and make notes in the margins. Doing so helped me to see that the story had merit. It did NOT, in fact, suck balls. The characters were interesting, fun and hot. There was believable emotion and sexual tension, but it was definitely lacking and deserved that rejection. It didn’t, however, deserve to be burned, it needed to be tweeked, revised, needed a couple more scenes to add depth.

So, I brainstormed ideas for the new scenes and revisions and I sat down with index cards and the printed manuscript and quickly realized that was NOT for me. Ha. So I sat down in front of the laptop instead. I revised and added around 10,000 words until I was finally satisfied I’d fixed the issues–added depth and action.

Now, I’m going to let it sit for at least two weeks. Going to try to forget all about it while digging into other projects. Then and only then, I’ll give it another read through and if there are no nagging feelings that something is off, I’ll submit that sucker. Fingers crossed. And when (not if, I’m being positive) it gets an acceptance, I’ll tell you more about the manuscript that almost got burned.

What’s the moral of this post? Um… Hrrmm… Uh, don’t junk it just because you get one rejection or just because it’s not quite up to par. Read it honestly, make notes, revise that sucker and resubmit!


Why? Because I can! Oh and because I love you all. ♥‿♥

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For authors: Have you ever written a manuscript you wanted to burn? If so, why and did it work out in the long run?

For readers: Have you ever read a book you wanted to burn? Why?

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